Twenty-Five 21st Season 1, Episode 14 Summary


A generally dark episode focused on starting before a shocking ending leaves ample room for theory before the finale next week.

This summary of the K-Drama Netflix Series Twenty-Five 21st Season 1, Episode 14 contains spoilers.

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Twenty-five, twenty-one Season 1, Episode 14 Summary

Minche begins by searching for her mother’s next diary and wondering what will happen next to the story. It’s a scandal, but I’m interested in the two videos from 2009. There, Edin is interviewing UBS anchor Hido, a gold medalist. It’s a rather nasty encounter, which seems to be a subtle suggestion of what the two had. In 2001, Hido defeated his friend Yulim in Madrid with a gold medal, and rivals represented Russia as Julia Ko. I decided to do it.

At that point, turning back in February 2000 and seeing the friendship group drink together, the fact that Edin and Hido are officially together is established, and there is a boy’s conversation about who is too good for whom. Eventually, the five play a fun game, enjoy Ijin’s consistent failure, and then get drunk and return to the journalist’s house. There, they all have a tipsy discussion about planned trips, ambitions, and who Ijin made us cry. So Yulim and Jiun decided to leave together.

Ji-eun and Yulim listened to the confession to their parents that she had a boyfriend, and the musician vowed to break the record of her father, who can love her most. Good luck with her before putting her head on her shoulders. Surprisingly, when the bus is pulled away, Yulim’s father hits the wheel and hears the sound of a “major accident” that will be seen later. After being injured outside the operating room, another victim’s family hurriedly confronted the fencing player’s father about what he was responsible for, telling him that he should die. Returning to Yulim’s house, her father gets drunk and messes up the case, while her mother strains herself to find a solution to the case.

The day after shedding tears, Yulim told Yang, who was pleased to be back on the national team, about the need for money and said he couldn’t sign the team’s contract introduced by the mentor. After apologizing to her for that reason and seeing how upset she was at her bus stop, she eventually visited Hido to open and solemnly explain that she wasn’t keeping her promise. Elsewhere, Edin will visit the national team’s office and eavesdrop on a potential change of nationality for former Yulim. He soon decided to produce for more information and became curious.

At Hido’s house, Yulim elaborate on the need for money and the change of nationality, explaining that he wants to protect his family above all else. Meanwhile, Edin sees her trying to find her family. Talking to them, Yulim’s father is threatened by the victim’s frustrated mother in prison time, and Ji Eun is rushing to find his girlfriend and get information about the trials. Obviously distressed by that knowledge, his partner intends to move abroad, but seamlessly comforts her by expressing his pride and agreeing to arrange her farewell party.

Upon returning home, Yulim informs her parents of the change of nationality and insists on using her solution to solve the family’s problems, ignoring her parents’ attempts to stop her. “I want to end this misery,” fencing sternly asks her family to respect her decision, and her parents naturally cry, but admit that her parents carry out this plan. It’s clear. The next day, Yang will accompany the swordfighter when the contract is signed. To change her loyalty, the mentor apologizes for all that can be done for her in this situation, but she informs Yulim that it is always available in the event of difficulty.

Later, when I saw Ijin approaching Kim Seon Ho (the man who signed the contract) and wondering if he could talk, he was on TV now in secret news, like when Yulim bumped into him. He looks upset when he takes a walk that seems ready to break. Still, the two speak frankly, and the journalist checks her before suddenly leaving. “Tell me what you have prepared,” she says with confidence. Edin explains to his former colleagues that he will need to hurt his loved ones, disappoint them, and make them uncomfortable.

Elsewhere, Hido, Sunwan, and Jiun are gathering to prepare for a farewell party. The boyfriend explains that he wants them all to talk and laugh as before. Here, Hido also regrets the musician notifying him of what he needs to do, so tell his girlfriend what he wants to say. And while the atmosphere starts well, when Yulim wants to be intimate even if the friendship group is gone, the emotions start immediately. When the gift of a hearty Russian phrase arrives, it is inspirational and some tears are shared among the young people. Meanwhile, Edin prepares to air his story past a house full of energyless laughter. But the group notices. Looking at his absence, at least in the news channel so that he can be seen there, ends up being disappointed with what they are seeing.

That’s why Hido tries to track down his injured partner who is angry with his journalism work. As soon as she finds him smoking, she begins a conflict and the two continue to clash with melancholy about what to do and whether they can have their own relationship, the latter point. Before he says it’s his real worry, Jiung and Yulim walk together, and fencing players want to pin a potential promise about their own relationship and forgive themselves. You are free to see how your life unfolds without “selfishly” hugging. However, musicians have problems with this stance, saying they have already met her and are planning to keep their relationship moving. I want you to live for me, “said Yulim, who was angry that her boyfriend was trying to insist on walking with her.

The next day, Ijin agrees to the damage he has suffered, and Yulim stands in front of the gymnasium and packs his bag, remembering his memories of Taeyang Hai. If you make one of the last fencing granges, the media will flock to hear the comments from the exiled athletes, and even if Hido arrives, the reporters will overflow and I want to think about it. Fortunately, I’m ignoring Scrum. To head to the gym, hug their friends tightly, and be a source of comfort, they plan to distract reporters, create decoy swordfighters, lie to reporters about press conferences, and gain an edge when fleeing. .. When they succeed, they take pictures together before sharing a meal, make lasting memories of their turbulent day, despite public backlash, and are angry restaurant owners. ..

During the meal, two friends say they have a hard time leaving, and Yulim confesses that she wants to stay in South Korea and become a Korean athlete. The two share an emotional hug. A fencing player departs at the airport and says goodbye to her family and friends. Ji-eun also runs the risk of being afraid to drive to her departure gate and then skate when she realizes her girlfriend is leaving the day. Fortunately, the two find each other and say that he will wrap her in a warm hug and accept misery if they can overcome it together before saying that they are selfish and maintain a relationship, and They kiss passionately.


On the bus, Edin heard people on the sidelines of Yulim as traitors, and later witnessed her poster torn from the proudly decorated wall. In the tunnel, he cries and regrets what he sobbed. Only the floor is next to the unpleasant graffiti. Looking up, I see a hide ready to fill the display before returning to the 2009 interview. Edin would like to thank her there, and the two would support each other unwaveringly. And after a gentle narration, the bomb is dropped. “Congratulations,” says Anchor, which means that at the end of the episode, the two will eventually be cut off.

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