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The 2022 Oscar contained many memorable moments, some of which were not recorded on television. From a fierce conversation after Will Smith confronts Chris Rock on stage with Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry Big Little Lies Reunion, viewers watching the ABC Awards show did not see all the actions.

Here are some of the most memorable moments that weren’t on TV.

After Smith slapped Chris Rock following a comedian joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, he was pulled aside and apparently comforted by Washington and Perry. When he sat down with Pinkett Smith while Washington was comforting Pinkett Smith, in his eyes it was discovered that the Smith clerk was talking to the actor.

After a touching speech when he won the Best Actor Award, Smith regained his energy and everyone smiled behind the scenes. Immediately after he cried with a heartfelt speech, the actor looked fine.

Big Little Lies Stars Nicole Kidman and Zoe Kravitz caught up during a commercial break in the 2022 Oscar. The actresses were seen holding hands during a short conversation between the segments. Beloved couple’s wifeAt some point during the conversation, I was also seen kissing Krabitz’s hand.

Zoe Kravitz and Nicole Kidman in the 2022 Oscar
Neilson Bernard / Getty Images

Jessica Chastain became the first Oscar winner at the ceremony on Sunday. She won the Best Actress Award. Tammy Faye’s Eyes.. After she gave her acceptance speech, Chastain admitted that she was “very shivering” behind the scenes of her. The actress looked vague before she talked to push about her first Academy Awards.

After making history as the first color queer actress to win an acting Oscar West side story Star Ariana Devose was seen hugging her friends behind the scenes, holding back tears. Others near her praised her Devose when she saw Oscar and thanked her for everyone’s support.

Megan Thee Stallion Encanto At the ceremony, he performed a bright performance of the hit song “Don’t talk about Bruno”, and immediately after counting, the rapper was confidently applauded behind the scenes.

King Richard Executive producers Serena and Venus Williams, who introduced Beyonce’s “Be Alive” opening performance, spent quality sister time behind the scenes of the 2022 Oscar. Laugh with a selfie.

rear Coder After receiving the Best Work Award, many spectators began to interact with each other. Smith was seen talking to the award assistant, and the man shook hands. The unidentified man wiped tears from his eyes as he left the Oscar winner. Meanwhile, as Pinkett Smith and Smith were preparing to leave the venue, Smith was seen shaking hands with another audience.

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