Teen Mom fans remained “painful” as Ryan Edwards’ parents Jen and Larry talked about his addiction fight in a resurfaced clip.

Teen Mom fans remained “painful” as Ryan Edwards’ parents Jen and Larry talked about the fight against addiction in a resurfaced clip.

Redditors has discovered a clip of an MTV reality show featuring Ryan, now 34 years old.


Ryan Edwards’ parents talked about fighting his addictionCredit: MTV
Jen wept when Larry talked about their


Jen wept when Larry talked about their “scary” experienceCredit: MTV

Show producer Jenny has revealed that Teen Mom OG Alum has returned home from his stint for rehab.

Ryan’s father, Larry, opened and said: “And he was in rehab for 30 days …”

Ryan’s mother added, “It was very reassuring.”

The rally continued. “I knew he was okay, so it was the best I’ve ever felt.

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“I knew I wouldn’t get a call, but someone told me I needed to go to a hospital.”

As Jen wept, he concluded, “It’s scary.”

“I’m always looking for signs of something. I don’t want something to happen and I think I could have done something different,” she added.

Jenny was also in tears when the couple expressed their love for their troubled son.

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Teen Mom fans jumped into the comments and expressed sympathy for the emotional footage.

“It’s very difficult to love someone and try to get over addiction,” said one fan.

Another fan wrote, “Man, my heart is directed at them. It’s difficult.”

The third fan said:

The fourth person said, “You can’t abuse Ryan’s parents. Yes, they are enablers and absolutely need to educate themselves with addictive behavior, but love their son. I can’t blame them for. “

The commentator said, “That’s sad!

“It’s such a catch 22 because society should have addicts in the house, but it’s annoying to be someone who has to live in the house with the addict.”

Father and daughter time

Recently, Ryan’s wife shared a rare photo of a reality star with his young daughter Stella.

25-year-old Mackenzie shared a snapshot of her husband on Instagram with his new bike.

He wore a red shirt and a black hat behind him.

MTV’s dad kissed the child sitting with him in Harley.

Stella wore green clothes because her long blonde hair was tied to a ponytail.

Mackenzie wrote the heart emoji, “Only dad, daughter, and Harley.”

In the Instagram story, Stella was sitting alone in Harley.

The baby smiled at the camera as he kicked his leg up.

She stretched out her arms as if she were pretending to ride a motorcycle.

Mackenzie shares his son Hudson, 8, with his children Jaguar and Stella, with his ex-husband, Zachary Stevens.

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Former reality star, her husband Ryan and his family were fired from a popular series in a drama with his ex-Machi Bookout (30 years old) and husband Taylor McKinney (32 years old).

Ryan shares his 13-year-old son Bentley with Mashi. Mashi currently shares two children, Jade (6) and Maverick (5), with Taylor.

Machi Bookout and Taylor Kinney take pictures with children


Machi Bookout and Taylor Kinney take pictures with childrenCredits: Maci Bookout / Instagram
Mackenzie and Ryan took a picture together


Mackenzie and Ryan took a picture togetherCredit: Instagram
Ryan sat on his daughter Stella and Harley


Ryan sat on his daughter Stella and HarleyCredits: Instagram / Mackenzie Edwards

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