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Russia compares sanctions to war, as the UK says Putin is preparing to send 1,000 mercenaries to Ukraine | Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s main spokesman said that trade and sanctions against oligarchs are similar to a “total war” against Russia, and the West is “in the corner” with the Kremlin expanding NATO in preparation for the resumption of peace talks with Ukraine. I drove him away “on Tuesday.

Dmitry Peskov said in an American television interview that disciplinary sanctions against Russia were “very unfriendly” and made it feel like a war between the United States and its western allies.

The interview was conducted in the midst of more allegations from British and Ukrainian military intelligence that Russia’s war effort was facing serious problems.

The Kremlin continues to suffer significant losses from Russia’s civilian Wagner military group with more than 1,000 mercenaries as Russia and Ukraine were scheduled to meet in Turkey for a new round of negotiations. There is eastern Ukraine.

Russia is likely forced to relocate Wagner personnel from Africa and Syria to eastern Ukraine. MoD said..

Mr Peskov said Russia “is afraid that NATO will approach the border with military infrastructure. Please be aware of it. Do not hunt us down. No.”

He sanctioned “it seems to us an enemy, an enemy. We have entered the stage of total war. And in us Russia, Western countries, the United States, Canada, Australia, they themselves in the war. You will feel. In fact, they are actually leading the war with us in trade, economics, foreclosure of property, foreclosure of funds, and blocking of financial relations. “

Earlier on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for the sanctions package to be “effective and substantive,” targeting countries with “passive sanctions” against Russia. If you do something, there will be some answers … “Zelensky said.

“Fear always makes you an accomplice”: Zelensky warns against soft sanctions – video

“Ukrainians shouldn’t die just because someone can’t find enough courage to give them the weapons they need. Fear always makes you an accomplice,” he said.

He also urged countries to have the courage to continue to supply Ukraine with weapons without fear of possible retaliation by Moscow.

Zelenskiy praised the military success in parts of Irpin and Kyiv and spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Olav Schorz, and Italians on “a very active diplomatic day.” Said he was engaged in. Prime Minister Mario Draghi and President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan.

When asked about whether Russia would use nuclear weapons in conflict, Peskov said “no one is thinking” about such a strategy, saying Russia would achieve its military goals.

Questions about Russia’s military power were raised by Ukrainian intelligence on Tuesday, and Putin’s “weakened, confused” army by attempting to destroy the city with “indiscriminate artillery and rocket bombardment”. Claimed to be compensating.

A disgusting intelligence assessment from the United Kingdom and Ukraine took place as Russian and Ukrainian negotiators are scheduled to meet in Turkey on Tuesday for peace talks. It revealed that it would not make a concession to the integrity of the territory.

However, the start of the talks is overshadowed by reports that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators suffered symptoms consistent with addiction earlier this month, according to sources who know the incident directly. May drop.

Abramovich was involved in informal peace talks in Kyiv in early March when he began to feel sick, sources told the Guardian.

Both men who consumed only chocolate and water were treated in Istanbul with symptoms such as poor vision and desquamation. This account supports the allegations of potential addiction originally reported by The Wall Street Journal and the research agency Bellingcat.

Putin’s failure to make significant profits early in the war and the fierce local resistance further strengthened Zelensky’s administration. The Ukrainian president is further encouraged by the news that Ukrainian troops have regained control of Irpin’s commuter town in Kib. Early Ukrainian military intelligence in the invasion said its troops continued to protect other towns, including Kiiv and Motizin, Risne, Kapitanifka, and Dmitrifka.

Ukrainian troops “maintain the circular defense of the city of Mariupol and continue to defend and thwart the advance of enemies in the Chernihiv region,” the report added, but British intelligence has established Russians in Mariupol. Said.

About 5,000 people, including about 210 children, have been killed in Mariupol since Russia invaded Ukraine last month, according to the mayor of the besieged southern city. About 160,000 civilians were helplessly trapped in the city.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine on Tuesday by Amnesty International is similar to what it did in the Syrian Wars, raising concerns about “war crimes” as civilian casualties increase a month after the invasion of Moscow. He said he was.

“What’s happening in Ukraine is a repeat of what we’ve seen in Syria,” Agnès Callamar, Secretary-General of the Global Rights Watchdog, told AFP.

Joe Biden defended Putin’s unscripted statement in Poland over the weekend that he “cannot maintain power” on Monday, reflecting his own moral anger, not a shift in executive policy. He said he was.

“I haven’t explicitly expressed a policy change back then or now,” said President Biden. “I have expressed my moral anger and do not apologize.” .. Asked if this statement would spur a negative reaction from Putin, Biden said, “I don’t care what he thinks … he’ll do what he’s trying to do. “.

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