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Rapoport says 49ers ‘still hold a lot of cards’ in Jimmy Garoppolo situation

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On Monday, general manager John Lynch said the San Francisco 49ers have no plans to release quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Instead, they remain hopeful that a business partner will emerge at some point this offseason. .For now, the options are almost non-existent.

Garoppolo, the most anticipated, is said to have left on March 16, the start of the league’s new year. The quarterback remains on the 49ers roster. Garoppolo recently underwent shoulder surgery, which apparently dropped its commercial value.

For now, the 49ers are content to play the waiting game. Lynch admitted the team hasn’t received a firm offer for the veteran quarterback. And San Francisco is not willing to give Garoppolo.

“There was a ton of conversation and I think there was really good momentum,” Lynch said Monday at NFL owners’ meetings. “Then the decision that was made for Jimmy to have surgery certainly caused a lot of teams to pause and at least slow down the process to do their due diligence.”

Ian Rapoport, also speaking at owners’ meetings, said the 49ers shouldn’t panic or feel the need to release Garoppolo.

“You take a look at his contract, over $25 million,” Rapoport explained. “None of that is guaranteed. So really, they hold a lot of cards in terms of where Jimmy Garoppolo is going to play at. the future and how much money he will earn.

“And he’s, of course, been in trade talks over the past few months. The fact that he had throwing shoulder surgery certainly slowed things down. In fact, before the Colts Indianapolis didn’t trade for Matt Ryan, they returned and revisited some trade talks with the San Francisco 49ers. [Those talks] didn’t go anywhere.”

The 49ers reportedly worked with Garoppolo to find him a good landing spot, a place where he could start and potentially win.

“I just want to go where they want to win, Garoppolo said after the season. That’s really what I’m in this game for. I’m here to play football. I’m here to win football games. . “

Most quarterback needy teams have filled those needs. Rapoport sees one somewhat realistic option remaining…and one not so realistic.

“So now, really, there are two places where Jimmy Garoppolo could potentially go,” Rapoport said. of Carolina.”

While it’s probably not ideal, the 49ers have hinted they’re ready to carry Garoppolo and Lance through 2022, if necessary. No one really believes that will happen, of course most were also convinced that Garoppolo would be on another roster by now.

“It’s certainly conceivable that the 49ers, if they can’t make a trade before the draft, hang on to Garoppolo, potentially even maybe allow him to come to [training] camp, and see where it all goes,” Rapoport added. “A lot of options are still on the table. It could be an exchange. It could be a pay cut.

“It’s hard to imagine an outright release because having a quarterback, especially one with that kind of experience, is far too valuable.”

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch spoke to reporters Monday at owners meetings. Obviously, the media wanted to know his opinion on the Jimmy Garoppolo situation. No one expected Garoppolo to still be on the list. Most felt that he and his over $25 million salary would have been traded at the start of the league’s new year on March 16. This does not happen. Garoppolo and his big salary are still part of the team. With the roster of quarterback needy teams reduced, the 49ers’ current situation has left many wondering if the organization might choose to release Garoppolo to take his salary off the books. According to NBC Sports Bay Area, Lynch said that he wasn’t considering a scenario in which the 49ers would release Garoppolo just to release

Things haven’t gone well for the San Francisco 49ers regarding the trade market for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. With the first wave of free agency on the books, most thought the veteran passer would now be on another roster. This does not happen. Garoppolo and his $25 million+ salary remain on the 49ers payroll, and an NFL insider isn’t so sure that will change anytime soon. Most quarterback needy teams brought in new starters. dear Garoppolo, who is only two weeks away from shoulder surgery. There was a rumor from Pro Football Talk that general manager John Lynch was telling teams the

The San Francisco 49ers are officially under the $208.2 million salary cap for 2022, which goes into effect Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. The team got here by restructuring the contracts of two star players – tight end George Kittle and defensive lineman Arik Armstead. The salary cap maneuver allows the 49ers to be patient with Jimmy Garoppolo and wait for a resolution to the Deshaun Watson situation before pushing to complete a trade for their veteran quarterback. Jim Trotter discussed the 49ers situation on NFL Network, saying the team isn’t freaking out over less-than-expected interest in their starting quarterback for the past four-and-a-half months

The 49ers began their free agency spell, signing cornerback Charvarius Ward to a three-year deal on Wednesday, linebacker Oren Burks to a two-year deal and defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway to a one-year deal on Wednesday. . Hear from 49ers RedZone co-hosts Rohan Chakravarthi and Marco Martinez to make sense of the 49ers offseason


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