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Georges St-Pierre on trash talk in MMA: “I think guys, they take it too personal”

Georges St-Pierre thinks fighters take things too personally outside of the cage.

Last week, Jorge Masvidal allegedly assaulted Colby Covington outside a Miami restaurant. According to the incident report, Covington told police that Masvidal ambushed him outside the Papi Steak restaurant, punching him twice in the face saying, ‘You shouldn’t have spoken. about my children.

Following the incident, Masvidal was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief, charges to which he pleaded not guilty. It’s an awful incident and one that, according to the UFC Hall of Famer , Georges St-Pierre, is the result of fighters too caught up in the drama.

“Things are getting out of control,” St-Pierre said on MMA hour“I think guys, they take it too personal. For me, it didn’t matter what my opponent was telling me. For me, it’s not personal, it’s about business, and the more trash he was talking to me about. , plus, in a way, I was making money, so I really have to thank all the fierce opponents I had that were talking rubbish to me, because they built the fight in a better and interesting way for the public, so I made more money. It’s good for business.

St-Pierre has faced his share of opponents looking to talk about him during his UFC tenure, including Nick Diaz, Dan Hardy, Josh Koscheck and Michael Bisping. endure, where Covington repeatedly spoke ill of Masvidal’s family, and according to St-Pierre, it was intentional.

“There’s a reason why I’ve never made my family and my real private life public. It’s because I know that if someone wants to reach me, it’s easy for me. one ear and it comes out.” the other and I don’t take it personally. But if you tried to reach someone I love or someone in my family, now that’s going to be a different story. That’s why I always tried to hide this part of my life “Because I’m a public person, so this part, it’s public, it’s for the fans, but my private life, for me it’s is even more valuable to me. Compared to my career, my life is a million times better than what I’ve done in my career, but I keep it a secret because it’s my private life, it’s my diamond is my treasure.

“Most guys don’t think like that. A lot of them, sometimes they want to use their family to build a better platform, to showcase their – that’s okay too. It’s just for me, I knew I came from a martial arts background, it’s not a game we play, and if you want to reach someone to make them lose their temper, there is a way to reach someone ‘one and that’s attacking someone they love. Sometimes that’s a better way than attacking the person themselves, and I knew that, and I didn’t want to give my adversaries to use it against me. The art of war, my friend! The art of war!

Few, if any, have had as much success in the MMA art of war as St-Pierre. The UFC Hall of Famer finished his career with a 26-2 record, having avenged the two losses and won the UFC welterweight and middleweight titles.

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