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Former MP and lobbyist look for a job in the Kremlin Alliance Belarus

The reason they were in Belarus in the first place was less of a bond-like conspiracy than something similar to the House of Cards. They are joking to act as an intermediary between the interests of Russia’s major ally, Belarus, and the US government. In particular, a trip to Belarus adds another interesting chapter to the post-parliamentary career. This includes, among other things, arranging flights to help refugees from Afghanistan at the end of America’s military presence.

Strike was a diplomatic mission and was not in Belarus. He is in talks to work with the country’s potash industry, which is facing sanctions from the Biden administration, but the deal has not yet been officially formed.

The two men are one of the few politicians, influencing merchants looking for opportunities in a country that is becoming the Kremlin’s arm, and even the hot cauldron of the fierce war has money to earn and the U.S. government. Work to be done on behalf of foreign interests in front of.

Belarus, Russia’s main ally of President Vladimir Putin, is one of the few countries that is openly supporting the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine and is the setting for Russian troops to enter and move to Kive. increase. Therefore, it is becoming more and more paria for the West. NATO recently conducted military exercises on the Polish-Belarus border as a sign of its power over Ukraine.

Taylor argued that he wasn’t working for the enemy enough to create a dialogue to end the conflict, and that defending the Belarusian government would violate the Foreign Agent Registration Act. During his visit he talked to Victor. Lukashenko, the son of US government-approved President Alexander Lukashenko, told POLITICO. He claimed to have important contacts at the top of the Belarusian government and to keep in touch with the White House and state ministry officials. Immediate Request for Comment A spokesperson for the State Department declined to comment.

“There is no diplomat what people think of Lukashenko (the president there). There is no embassy staff. This is a centrally located country currently in the midst of the world’s largest conflict. It could escalate to World War III. “

The arrival of Taylor and Strike is noteworthy in itself. Belarus’ US envoy Julie Fisher was unable to leave the country because the government did not issue visas. In February, the State Department stopped. An operation at the embassy in the country’s capital, Minsk, warned Americans not to travel to the country because of “strengthening Russian troops in Belarus along the border with Ukraine.”

David F. Gencarelli, a former lobbyist of a Belarusian government client, said the Belarusians have been in contact about three times since the contract ended in 2020. Russia.

Taylor left Congress in 2019 after losing to a democratic challenger, overshadowing the campaign, and a scandal that lasted beyond his tenure. Many campaign staff have been charged in connection with efforts to forge signatures on petitions. Third-party candidate Taylor on the ballot knew of his efforts to petition for a third-party candidate, but he denied knowing of cheating.

Stryk is a client history operative who previously admitted that most others would not cooperate. His one-time account includes the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia.

He submitted an agreement to the Belarusian potash industry a few days after the invasion of Ukraine to enter into a contract to reach out to the US government against the sanctions imposed on the industry. Belarus is one of the world’s top providers of potash, a common fertilizer ingredient. ..

According to the Treasury, the state-owned company Belaruscali, one of the world’s largest producers of raw materials, was approved in April 2021 on the anniversary of what the Treasury called the “illegal” presidential election. In December, the United States also approved the Belarusian Potash Company, which handles the trade and export of Belaruskali.

“I was invited to Minsk by a group of Belarusian businessmen who are interested in seeing if there is an opportunity to correct and mitigate sanctions on the potash industry,” Strike said in an interview. ..

Stryk must be licensed from the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Ministry of Finance and registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act before officially working on behalf of potential new clients.

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