Dow Jones futures rise ahead of Russia-Ukraine negotiations, Tesla stocks soar near buying point

Dow Jones futures were high late Monday prior to Tuesday’s major Russian and Ukrainian ceasefire negotiations. Treasury yields have suspended while US oil prices fell on Monday.


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Today’s stock market

The Dow Jones Industrial Average on Monday rose 0.3%. The S & P 500 rose 0.7% and the technology-intensive Nasdaq Composite index rose 1.3%. S & P500 has extended the Nasdaq100 tracker Invesco to three sessions in an exchange-traded fund. The QQQ Trust (QQQ) rose 1.55% and the SPDR S & P 500 ETF (SPY) rose 0.7% on Monday.

Overview of the US Stock Market Today

index symbol price Gain / loss % Change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 34955.23 +93.99 +0.27
S & P 500 (0S & P5) 4575.49 +32.43 +0.71
Nasdaq (0NDQC) 14354.90 +185.60 +1.31
Russell 2000 (IWM) 206.18 +0.06 +0.03
IBD 50 (FFTY) 39.74 +0.15 +0.38
Last updated: 4:50 pm ET 3/28/2022

Among the leaders of Dow Jones, Apple (AAPL) Recovered 0.5%, Microsoft (MSFT) rose 2.3% in today’s stock market. Notable Dow Jones stock, UnitedHealth remains in the buying range after a recent breakout.

Electric car leader Tesla (TSLA) surged more than 8% on Monday after the company announced plans for a stock split.

IBD leaderboard stocks in a volatile, headline-led market Arista Networks (ANET), Broadcom (AVGO), CVS health (CVS), European Wax Center (EWCZ) and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) is the top stock to buy and monitor on Monday.

Microsoft and Tesla are IBD leaderboard stocks. Arista is an IBD Swing Trader stock. Apple was listed in the “Stocks Near Bizone” column this week. The European Wax Center was last week’s IPO Stock of the Week.

Dow Jones Futures Today: Oil Prices, Treasury Yields, Russia-Ukraine Talks

After closing on Monday, Dow Jones futures rose 0.1% of fair value and S & P 500 futures rose. Nasdaq 100 futures fell 0.1% of fair value. Nighttime behavior on Dow futures and elsewhere is not necessarily the actual trading at the next regular stock market session.

The US Treasury’s 10-year yield fell to 2.47% on Monday, maintaining its highest level since May 2019 following a surge on Friday. US oil prices fell more than 9% on Monday as West Texas Intermediate crude traded for less than $ 104 a barrel. Chevron (CVX) fell by almost 2%, but well above the 20% -25% profit-taking area from 113.21 entries on a cup basis.

Russia-Ukraine ceasefire negotiations in Istanbul, Turkey, are scheduled to begin Tuesday morning. Previous negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers ended without a ceasefire or agreement on other humanitarian issues.

Stock market rally

The stock market recorded a good performance on Monday as the Nasdaq and S & P 500 ended with a solid rise. For a daily stock market commentary, see the IBD Overview column.

Friday’s big picture column said, “Will it be encouraging again? Following the strong progress of the previous week that encapsulated the follow-through days by both the S & P 500 and Nasdaq, the market refused to abandon their profits. I did. “

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4 Dow Jones Stocks to See Now

Dow Jones Stocks to Buy and Monitor: UnitedHealth

Managed care giant UnitedHealth has shown a buypoint of 500.10 with a double bottom-based handle entry. After a slight rise in the session, stocks closed on Monday in a birange above the latest entry.

Bullishly, the relative strength line of stocks is close to the new highs, indicating significant stock market outperformance.

Four top growth stocks to buy and currently noteworthyrent stock market rally

Stocks to buy and watch: Arista, Broadcom, CVS, European Wax, Regeneron

According to the IBD MarketSmith chart, IBDSwingTrader stock Arista Networks is in the birange above the double bottom 133.97 buypoints. Shares on Monday rose 0.7%.

Chip giant Broadcom continued to build the right side of the new cup base, rising 0.6% on Monday. A good cup-based purchase point is 677.86, but there is a more aggressive entry at 614.74.

Last week’s hottest IPO leader, the European Wax Center, fell below the double-bottom of 31.59 buypoints after falling 1.4% from its early rise on Monday. The buy area of ​​5% rose to 33.17.

The recent IBD Stock Of The Day CVS Health continues to build a flat base with 111.35 buypoints. CVS shares lost 0.5% on Monday.

Biotechnology leader Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has remained in the buying range above the 673.96 flat-based entry following the March 16 breakout move. .. The 5% buy zone is the highest at 707.66.

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Tesla stock

Tesla’s shares surged 8% on Monday after announcing at this year’s annual shareholders meeting that it would require shareholders to vote to approve additional shares to enable a stock split. The last 5 to 1 stock split of EV makers occurred in August 2020.

The stock traded high on November 4th to 1,243.49, but closed on Monday just 12% off its all-time high.

Dow Jones Readers: Apple, Microsoft

Among the Dow Jones stocks, Apple stocks rose 0.5% on Monday, reversing from a sharp loss. Prior to opening the market, Nikkei Asia reported that the company plans to reduce production of the iPhone SE and AirPods due to weaker demand than expected.

Following that rise, Apple stocks are right next to the double-bottomed 176.75 buypoint after a decisive regain of the 50-day line last week. The relative strength line is a bit off the new highs, an important technical indicator of strength. The RS line needs to hit a new high on the day of the breakout to make sure Apple stocks are the market leader.

Software leader Microsoft rose 2.3% on Monday and stocks regained a compelling 200-day line. A new foundation is beginning to form.

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