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Biden, U.S. training Ukrainian troops in Poland, seems to reveal

But so far, the Biden administration has cautiously insisted that it was possible. On March 22, Jake Sullivan denied that Americans were “currently” training Ukrainians. “The territory of NATO,” he continued.

Biden didn’t say it on Monday. After speaking about the White House’s new budget request, Biden answered a reporter’s question about the comments he made when he met the 82nd Paratrooper in Poland. He added that “we are talking about supporting the training of Ukrainian troops in Poland.”

Biden was pressured again, saying, “I was with the Ukrainian army in Poland and was saying what I was talking about.”

It is possible that Biden intended to say “American” when he said “Ukrainian” in the second example.

A recent ad-lib by the Polish President on Vladimir Putin-“Because of God, this man cannot maintain power”-A series of speculations by the White House that Biden did not seek a change of power and subsequent purification It was started.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon did not immediately respond to the request for comment and did not represent the Ukrainian government. Polish officials did not confirm any interaction between Americans and Ukrainian troops.

“Poland has Ukrainian soldiers who regularly interact with the US military, which the president mentioned,” a White House official said.

Parliamentary officials from major national security committees said they were unaware of such training missions. One said the training was categorized and could not be confirmed as being done.

Ukrainian and British officials personally said that on the first day of the war, if the conflict lasted for a long time and it became a terrible rebellion, Ukrainian troops could eventually be trained outside Ukraine. Stated.

Poland has already become a major hub for countries sending weapons to Ukraine. European headquarters in the United Kingdom and the United States are coordinating flights from multiple countries across Europe to Polish military airfields, from which Ukrainian troops track anti-air forces and armored missiles, military food, ammunition and body armor. And cross the border back to the site in Ukraine.

Specifically, Ukrainians may need training in some weapons, such as the Stinger surface-to-air missile. It was sent by the United States, Germans, Latvian, etc., although it did not have it before the invasion.

U.S. and UK-led training activities in Ukraine from 2015 to 2022 took place within Ukraine, but Ukrainian troops regularly participated in NATO exercises throughout the continent until Russia’s February invasion. did. POLITICO says that after Ukrainians began to cooperate with NATO troops, their ability to organize and fight improved rapidly and dramatically.

“It was very impressive to be able to synchronize them with their infantry, artillery, innovative skills, and drones,” said a former officer who demanded anonymity about his training mission. Part of me, when I first got there, made me think they were more Soviet than the Russian army. But over time, you could see the change. “

When asked directly on Monday if the United States was training Ukrainian troops on these new weapons, defense officials focused on providing reporters with weapons that Ukrainians already knew how to use. He said he was matching. Details of security assistance. “

These weapons continue to flow into Ukraine, officials said. [with], And that includes additional shipments from $ 800 million announced by the president a few days ago. “

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