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Zelensky blames the timid west and warns that Russia wants to divide the country

Ukraine’s Lviv — Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the Western cowards on Sunday, and another official said Russia was trying to divide the country into two, like North Korea and South Korea.

Zelensky made an indignant plea for fighters and tanks to protect his country from the Russian invading forces. Russia now states that its main focus is on taking control of the eastern Donbus region. It raises the fear of the divided Ukraine.

Speech after US President Joe Biden said in a miserable speech by the Russian President Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimir Putin Byden states that he did not seek a regime change in Russia. Grabbing a Russian yacht is a US goal. However, it is not easy for Ukraine to defeat Russia. The White House immediately tried to downplay — Zelensky slammed Western “ping pongs on who and how to hand over jets” and other weapons while Russian missile attacks killed and trapped civilians. I criticized it violently.

“I talked to Mariupol’s advocates today. I’m in constant contact with them. Their determination, heroes, and firmness are amazing,” Zelensky said in a video address. The greatest deprivation and fear of war. “If only those who were thinking about how to hand over dozens of jets and tanks for 31 days had 1% of their courage.”

Zelenskyy also told independent Russian journalists on Sunday that his government would declare neutrality, consider providing security to Russia, repeat previous statements and keep Ukraine in a nuclear-free state. Said to include.

He told reporters that the issue of neutrality, and consenting not to participate in NATO, should be submitted to Ukrainian voters in a referendum after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Russia immediately banned the publication of interviews. Roskomnadzor, which regulates communications in Moscow, said measures could be taken against participating Russian media. “”

The interview was published abroad, but Russian-based retailers appeared to be compliant with the ban.

According to Ukrainian news agency RB KUkraina, Zelensky said Moscow was afraid of relatively short conversations with journalists, “it would be interesting if it wasn’t so tragic.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been stalled in many areas, and its purpose to swiftly surround the capital Kyiv and force its surrender against the solid resistance of Ukraine backed by weapons from the United States and other Western allies. I am.

Moscow claims to focus on wrestling the entire eastern Donbus region, which has been partially dominated by Russian-backed separatists since 2014. ..

Russia has supported the separatist rebels in Luhansk and neighboring Donetsk since the rebellion broke out shortly after Moscow annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine.

Ukraine’s military intelligence director, Kirilo Budanov, accused Russia of trying to divide Ukraine into two and compared it to the north and south.

“The occupying forces will try to pull the occupied territories into a single quasi-national structure and fight against the independent Ukraine,” Budanov said in a statement released by the Pentagon, and the Ukrainian guerrilla warfare is such. I predicted that it would upset the plan.

Ukrainian representative David Alacamia, who is in talks with Russia about the end of the war, said in a Facebook post that he would meet in Turkey from Monday. However, the Russians have announced that they will start talks on Tuesday. ..

Ukraine’s priority at the parley is “sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Zelensky told his country in a nightly speech.

“We really want peace without delay. We have the opportunity and need to meet in person in Turkey,” he said.

Zelenskyy has also signed a law prohibiting reporting on military and equipment movements that have not been announced or approved by the military. Journalists who violate the law can face three to eight years in prison. This law does not distinguish between Ukrainian and foreign journalists.

Ukraine states that in order to defeat Russia, the West must provide fighters as well as missiles and other military equipment.

Zelensky accused the Western government of “fearing to prevent this tragedy, simply afraid to make a decision,” in his statement.

His petition was repeated by a priest in the western city of Lviv, which was rocketed the day before. Aerial attacks have shown that Moscow is ready to attack anywhere in Ukraine, even though it claims it intends to shift the war to the east.

“When diplomacy goes wrong, we need military support,” said Rev. Yuri Vaskiv, who said the dreaded parishioners were away from the Greek Catholic Church.

On the road to Kyiv, villagers combed the remains of an ongoing Russian attack. About 22 miles (35 km) from Kiev, locals in Bisif walked through buildings that were torn and destroyed by artillery to save what they could do, including books. , Shelf and framed photo.

Dr. Svetlana Gribovska, who stood in what used to be a kindergarten classroom, said too many children were killed.

“That’s not right,” Gribovska told British broadcaster Sky News.

Russia has confirmed that it has used air-launched cruise missiles to attack fuel depots and defense plants in Lviv near the Polish border. Another attack by sea-launched missiles destroyed the Presetsuke base just west of Kive, where Ukraine stored air defense missiles. Major Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, said.

Russia’s continuous airstrikes have shaken cities that have become shelters for an estimated 200,000 people who have fled the bombed towns and cities. Lviv, which was largely spared from bombing, was also the road for most of the 3.8 million refugees. He has left Ukraine since Russia invaded on February 24th.

In a dimly crowded bomb shelter under an apartment block near the first blast site, a 34-year-old information technology expert, Orana Ukrainians, must hide again after fleeing the northeastern city of Kharkov. I said I couldn’t believe it. One of the most bombed cities.

“We were on one side of the street and saw it on the other side. We saw the fire. I said to my friend,” What is this? ” Then we heard the explosion and the sound of the glass breaking. “

In Kharkov, Ukrainian firefighters used axes and chainsaws to dig up concrete and other debris, looking for victims of a Russian military attack on a local government building on Sunday. One body was found on Saturday, firefighters said. Attack — For the first time, Russian troops attacked the center of Kharkov, where 1.5 million people once lived.

A rocket attack struck an oil base in northwestern Borin on Sunday night.

It is believed that the invasion, along with millions of people fleeing Ukraine, has driven more than 10 million people out of their homes, nearly a quarter of Ukraine’s population, and killed thousands of civilians. increase.

Andrea Rosa of Kharkov, Nevi Kena of Kyiv, Kara Anna of Lviv, and Associated Press journalists from around the world contributed to this report.


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