You can’t save Oscar by making them sponge con

Not that no one is uninterested, at least abstractly. win Oscar. You don’t want to give up four hours of school night and watch a good event like a telethon, a commercial, or a pledge drive.

Oscar appears in a way as a big ad. Why is Tony Hawk here? Oh, because his documentary will hit the streaming next week. Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes and Rosie Perez Dawson are not unwelcome. Why is your presence here? Ah, White men can’t jump This tribute to James Bond looks like a trailer. Everyone has a project or nostalgia play to promote. The academy’s new museum gets a long comedy for publicity. A poll about Twitter’s “moments worth cheering” will be broadcast. Oscar is a sponge that is a movie infomercial. The movie is magic! Movies are more important than ever! very! We promise!

(If you haven’t agreed with it yet, are you looking at Oscar?)

Oscar has a problem, but Oscar does not. The problem was that somewhere along the way I decided that Oscar should be a TV show. In other words, you need to succeed not only with TV standards, but also with TV standards. Although it is a TV standard Communication network Live TV Standards: Many viewers, many ad sales, some unpredictable, but nothing that confuses viewers who can turn it off at will.

(Sure, they got it this year when Will Smith hit Chris Rock on stage, yelled at him, and won the Best Actor Award a few minutes later, but that’s what it was. Cannot be planned.)

“We don’t talk about Bruno” — an Oscar-nominated, but very popular song that won an Academy Award for Best Animated Film. Encanto — It takes place in Oscar.
Myonchun / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

So, the meaning of “saving Oscar” has become so narrow that I got stuck in 10 years when I was too young to watch the PG-13 movie and was self-defeating.People see Any Live TV event. If it’s common to skip live shows and catch highlights on YouTube or TikTok the next day.

people second hand View Oscar more But by 2020, only four of the nominated films had earned more than $ 100 million. Of course, in 2021, the box office revenue was meaningless, given that most major market theaters were closed due to the pandemic, with only 10.4. One million people saw the ceremony — about half the audience for the 2020 ceremony.

Initially, the Academy Awards weren’t planned as a television show, so they weren’t originally planned. The first ceremony took place in 1929, a year after the launch of commercial television. The 1929 ceremony was 15 minutes for Oscar and $ 5 for entry. By the following year, Oscar was broadcast on the radio, and in 1953 the 25th edition of the award first appeared on television, at the same time from New York and Los Angeles.

Of course, if you put a lot of showbiz people in your room and say that the whole of America is listening and watching, they want to have a show, so they hire all the hosts and presenters and they Plans a musical routine and comes up with stupid bits like surprise a group of civilians in a movie theater or do Glenn Close and Da Batdance.

But even ABC isn’t working, unless this year’s viewers exceed anyone’s expectations. Why do you see Compared to 2004, the choices for Sunday night are endless. From your favorite old to new shows, or one of the animated films, or the one, a video game.

Your television may not be broadcast, especially if you are in the highly desirable “youth” demographics. Do you even have a TV? Who cares? If something interesting happens, you’ll see it on Twitter or TikTok in 10 minutes. Technology has constantly changed the way we watch movies and television. Oscars are largely unaffected by those changes.

94th Academy Awards-Show

Extreme athletes Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater and Shaun White pay tribute to James Bond in Oscar.
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I’m not a TV show expert, but when I see the Academy and ABC throwing forced errors after forced errors to “save” this year’s Oscar, how at least part of the problem is fundamental. It seemed to result from a misunderstanding. The internet works — and their rituals are even for what.

For example, a week before the ceremony, Rachel Zegler — the leading actress of the multi-nominated West side story — Announced to fans on social media that they were unable to receive the invitation to the ceremony.

Many have not been invited to Oscar, but the omission of ceremonies that are visibly desperate to attract young audiences was particularly ridiculous. Since 2015, we have been a large and passionate follower on YouTube and social media. Her attendance at Oscar will surely inspire the interest of her fans. She also owns its ABC parent company, Disney. West side story Distributor 20th Century Studios When Cast Zegler as Snow White in his next live-action remake — he wasn’t thinking of harnessing the power of the stars for the audience, so it seems unlikely he’s desperately asking for it. (Of course) After the protest, Zegler was ceremonial.

Another well-known fan favorite category (an obvious attempt to harness the power of the web) is another misfire. Oscar’s denials usually think that the problem lies in the movie itself. Not necessarily bad, but no one is watching. If they just recommended more popular movies, people would see (it’s also a discussion of the short-lived and most popular movie categories that the Academy came up with a few years ago).

A few weeks before the ceremony, the Academy announced that Twitter fans could use hashtags to vote for their favorite movies, such as Oscar’s American Idol. Also, the winner will be announced during the ceremony. It’s like “the most supportive moment”.

Dave Bautista Army of the deadWon the “Fan Favorite” vote on Twitter.
Clay Enos / Netflix

Basically, spending time on Twitter will quickly tell you what will happen. Fandom on social media works differently than just a “fan” in a movie. Enthusiasm, obsession, and even toxicity before the Rotten Tomatoes dive bomb movie is released, and chasing artists, critics, and other critics. Justice League Or a marvel movie or Alita: Battle Angel..

Therefore, it was completely predictable Army of the dead — A collection of half-baked reviews, but Zack Snyder’s movie, backed by his enthusiastic fan army, topped the list. The other four “candidates” were similarly backed by a very enthusiastic group of fans (and in some cases bots). Cinderella, Minamata, Spider-Man: No Way HomeWhen Tick ​​Tick boom. In retrospect, that’s interesting, but it’s not clear what the academy will be. Is a horde of breathtaking fans listening to the three-hour broadcast waiting for the moment when the winner is announced? Is there Twitter, TikTok, or any other platform that happened to scroll that night?

After all, they don’t even know what the purpose of the television broadcast really was. A highly critical decision to exclude eight categories from the ceremony to reduce execution time in edited, previously recorded speeches aired throughout the event, some categories more than others. It simply means that it is important. Oscar lovers, and some stars themselves, were angry to see the category cut. However, making this deal seems faintly ridiculous.Oscar malicious believers, industry insiders, and theoretical viewers now See the ceremony with these eight categories truncated.

In addition, fans are likely to like it Dunes —The box office blockbuster — was most likely to win in cut categories such as best sound, best score, and best editing. Of course, it was successful. Goodbye long.. )

You see, here’s the question: why do people pay attention to who wins the Oscar? It feels like this is probably a list of some good movies worth watching, as they like the curator side of Oscar, but why do people see Oscar? “TV shows? Because they are fascinated by Hollywood, charm, and seeing the stars in some rare mid-scriptless moments. They are investing in history or in the unpredictability of live shows. Because they are excited, they are the history of Hollywood and Oscar.

So if Oscar wants to stay interested in the core audience (those who really love movies and want to watch award shows), they need to adjust their expectations and relearn why they are there in the first place. there is.

Live (or livestreaming) shows are great, but do you need 40 million viewers to succeed? (Finale game of Thrones We didn’t get 20 million people. Can success be measured by the number of people involved across platforms, not the number of people attending live broadcasts? Whoever the academy and its broadcast partners are, Netflix, maybe? — To find additional sources of revenue that prevent ad sales from reaching their end?

And does the academy even know why it really does show anymore?

The pandemic may have caused problems faster than Hollywood expected, but it’s all changing technology, platforms, viewer availability, viewer preferences and preferences, and the movie itself. It is a long time ago that the academy recognizes that big change. Will come, whether they want or not.

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