Will Smith looks back at Oscar’s ceremony and hits comedian Chris Rock on stage-movies and television

Hollywood actor Will Smith slapped American comedian Chris Rock on the Oscar stage, and the incident swept the Internet.

The case was embodied when Rock joked about Smith’s wife and actor Jada Pinkett Smith at the 94th Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.She will appear in GI Jane 2.. “Jada I love you, GI Jane 2I can’t wait to see it, “he said, referring to a 1997 movie in which Demi Moore was trained in Navy Seal and shaved her head to make her look less feminine.

Jada, who has been actively working on alopecia, was jokingly uncomfortable. Shortly thereafter, Will approached rock on stage and beat him. After that, he returned to his seat and said, “Keep her wife’s name close to your name. F ***** g mouth!”

Locke stayed calm and continued his presentation. He tried to downplay his slap in order to make the situation a little more annoying.

Following Rock, the next presenter, American rapper Diddy, dealt with the situation and said, “Will and Chris, we’re going to solve this like a family. Now we’re lovingly moving forward. Everyone makes a noise. ”

Shortly after the incident, Smith won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film. King Richard He called Williams “a ferocious defender of his family” and apologized to the Academy and his fellow candidates for the incident. He didn’t mention Locke’s name. Smith left the stage for a standing ovation after telling the crowd. He said, “I hope the academy invites me.”

variety After a quarrel with Will at the ceremony, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that Locke “refused to submit a police report.” A full statement from the police said: program. The incident involved one individual hitting another. The individuals involved refused to submit police reports. LAPD can be used to complete an investigation report if a party wishes to report to the police at a later date. “

The case spoke to everyone, including our own Pakistani celebrities. Actors Ahmad Ali Butt and Adnan Malik strongly condemned Will’s reaction and expressed disappointment.

Malik called the case “toxic,” Locke said he shouldn’t be joking, and Will shouldn’t have appointed himself as his wife’s “guardian,” saying “I can answer the word.” Added.

The Sadqay Tumhare The actor analyzed the situation, pointed out deeper issues such as “race,” “gender,” and “alliance,” and asked a series of questions to “unpack” the case.

Netizens also responded in various ways. One user called Oscar an “emotional roller coaster.”

Some users defended Will, saying that rock deserves “overkill.”

While others rushed to defend Locke, he dealt with “assault” “professionally.”

One user emphasized the shock wave that erupted into the audience who witnessed the moment.

Many users consider conflict to be part of a strategy to increase viewership.

What do you think about the incident?

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