Why Guinan didn’t recognize Jean-Luc in Picard Season 2

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 showrunner Terry Mataras explains why Guinan in 2024 doesn’t recognize Jean-Luc, despite the TNG episode “Times Arrow.”

Star Trek: PicardSeason 2 co-showrunner explains why Guinan doesn’t recognize Jean-Luc in 2024. Time travel is Star Trek Captain Kirk, Spock, Enterprise Crew, Original series..So it shouldn’t have been surprising Picard Season 2 went well in the storyline as Jean Luc and his friends went back in time to change the dark future brought about by the mysterious Q.

Of course, for a fun episode adventure, it’s one thing for a character to go back in time to a random point in history. Picard But in Season 2, Jean-Luc actually encounters someone he knows during time travel: Ageless El Orian Guinan. But this isn’t exactly the same Guinan Picard, and everyone else remembers: In addition to being younger than usual (she played by Whoopi Goldberg in 2024 by Ito Agayare), she I don’t remember Jean-Luc either, but this latter point is of course not a problem, TNG All fans remember the two-part episode “Times Arrow” when Picard returned to the late 1800s to meet Guinan (and writer Mark Twain).Guinan did not seem to be aware of Picard’s identity Trek Criminal accusation fan Picard Complete oblivion Star Trek Canon.

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now Picard Season 2 co-showrunner Terry Mataras has emerged to eliminate the confusion that fans may have about what’s happening in Guinan and Picard in 2024. reverseMatalas recorded exactly which timeline Picard was actually on and explained exactly why Guinan didn’t know who he was.

“On this other timeline, this Guinan didn’t remember Picard because the TNG episode” Times Arrow “did not occur. These events did not play as well because there was no federation. The previous relationship does not exist. But she is still likely. Traveling to Earth, she was hanging out a bit, as we know. Therefore, this Guinan is different. But, of course, she can feel something out of place. She is experiencing a sort of time sick because Q is interfering with the timeline. “”

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Not to mention Guinan, which is sensitive to temporary confusion Star Trek in front. To be memorable TNG In the episode “Ghost Battleship Enterprise”, the wise El Orian, something after the crew created a new timeline that the Enterprise was a warship and the long-dead Tasha Yar was still alive after the crew encountered a space anomaly. Is the only person who feels wrong.Given the sensitivities revealed so far, that makes sense. PicardGuinan in 2024 can detect problems without necessarily understanding exactly what is happening.

Therefore, in the end PicardDismissing everything that happened in “Time Slip A” is easy enough to explain. It’s also easy to explain that Guinan in 2024 looks younger than before. Picard In Season 2 episodes, the Goldberg version of the character revealed her ability to modify her own aging process and better harmonize with humans. Trek Fans are in 2024, but Guinan is much more angry than the unprecedented gentle character that everyone knows and loves TNG..Changing Guinan’s personality is certainly the real way Picard Definitely betraying the character, but no doubt Star Trek: Picard Season 2 showrunners and writers have good reason to make young Guinan surprisingly edgy and frustrating. Perhaps they think that wise tranquility is not just “dramatic.”

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