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Ukrainian welders turn donated vehicles into military means of transportation

Lviv, Ukraine (AP) — A strawberry-scented fragrance that hangs from the latest Ukrainian military vehicles and heads for war.

A welder in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine was adding steel to the pickup trucks donated by workers so that volunteers could drive it in front of them.

“Our victory depends on us,” said Welder Ostap Dazenko, who, with the support of the Diaspora, is part of a large-scale volunteer activity that plays a role in Ukraine’s resistance. ..

But he didn’t expect to see so many wars and their shrapnel soon.

As he hurriedly stood on the truck to finish his work before sunset on Saturday, he heard noise and looked up to see objects flying in the air.

“It was pretty big, but I’ve never seen a rocket before, and then I heard a huge explosion,” he said.

A Russian airstrike struck a factory connected to the army, and a blast overturned Dazenko.

The next day, he returned to work to finish the truck before being driven with three other vehicles in eastern Ukraine on Monday.

The camouflage painting work for the truck is complete. The welder placed a bar behind to support the machine gun.

31-year-old Dazenko, dressed in anointed clothes, said he was ready to fight like all Ukrainian men, but he had no fighting experience and the time had not come yet.

Until then, he said, “I’m doing what I can.”

The Ukrainian army seemed to be in a stalemate by fighting a much larger Russian army, which surprised many observers. One of the Ukrainian weapons is a parallel army of volunteers busy mobilizing funds and supplies, from bulletproof vests to cigarettes. Military relations.

In Lviv, relatively far from the war to the airstrikes on Saturday, we were looking for ways to help store welding. It started with creating “hedgehogs”, metal barriers placed around checkpoints and some sensitive facilities. Calling a car.

“Every vehicle is in great demand at the forefront,” said the commander, 27-year-old welder Artem Pastushyna, with sparkling metal nuts on his earlobe.

Very few vehicles use steel plates and camouflage, and the needs are too great to have time.

“Many cars from Europe are driven directly to the front line,” said Pastushnya.

He said the truck was the first vehicle adopted by a welder and he wants them to do more.

Until then, welders are paying new attention to the grease pits after the airstrike on Saturday. They expected an attack someday, but it wasn’t that big, Dazenko said.

In a pit turn bunker accessible by a wooden ladder, an empty pizza box showed workers spending more time there than usual.

“Until yesterday, it was just a basement. Now it turns out that it is wise to put more things there.”


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