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Ukrainian leaders say they are seeking peace “without delay” at the parley

Ukraine, Lviv (AP) —Ukraine may declare neutrality and provide security to Russia to ensure peace “without delay”, President Volodymyr Zelensky said prior to another planned meeting Said.The leader was able to end the war..

Zelenskyy said in an interview with independent Russian media that Ukraine’s priority is to secure sovereignty and “territorial integrity” and prevent Russia from opening up the country, hinting at the possibility of concessions. I emphasized...

However, Zelensky added:

Ukrainian leaders have suggested as before, but rarely so powerful. The latest remarks will be made when both sides state that negotiations will resume on Tuesday.

Russia has long demanded that Ukraine give up its hope of joining the Western NATO alliance, which Moscow sees as a threat. Zelensky said the issue of neutrality that keeps Ukraine away from NATO and other military alliances is the referendum after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Zelenskyy has also long emphasized that Ukraine needs its own security as part of every transaction.

“We need to reach an agreement with the President of the Russian Federation, and in order to reach an agreement, he needs to get out of there on his own feet and come to see me,” he said in an interview. Russia has banned the publication of the media.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said on Monday that the two presidents could meet, but only after key elements of the potential deal had been negotiated.

In an interview with the Serbian media, Mr. Labrov said in an interview with the Serbian media, “Once the solutions to all the important issues are clear, we need a meeting,” and Ukraine “mimics negotiations.” He accused him of wanting only that, but said Russia needed concrete results.

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In an overnight video speech to his country, Zelensky said Ukraine is seeking peace “without delay” in negotiations as it is underway in Istanbul. The location was agreed after Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday. The negotiator will arrive on Monday.

Previous discussions, both video and face-to-face, have failed to make progress on ending the war more than a month ago. It killed thousands and expelled more than 10 million Ukrainians from their homes — including nearly 4 million from their country.

Due to the war, Western nations imposed penalties on Russia and put pressure on its economy. Putin recently said Russia demands a “non-friendly” country. Pay only for ruble exports of natural gas — economists say it was designed to support the collapsed Russian currency.

Germany’s energy minister said Monday that a group of seven major economies had rejected the request. “All G7 ministers have fully agreed that this is a one-sided and clear breach of contract,” Robert Habeck told reporters.

Russia’s offensive is stalled in many areas, and its troops rely on rockets and artillery to beat Ukrainian towns and cities. Fierce fighting is intensifying in the suburbs of Kiif, but Russian troops remain miles away from the city center.Surrounding a rapidly declining capital

In the village of Stoyanka near Kyiv, Ukrainian soldier Serhiy Udod said Russian troops had taken a defensive position and suffered great losses.

He said Russia was annexed in 2014, “probably they thought they were like Crimea.”

“But it’s not like Crimea here. We’re not happy to see them. Here they suffer and are killed.”

More intense Ukrainian resistance than expected, reinforced by weapons from the United States and other western allies, is said to have overwhelmed Russian troops.

But Zelensky is increasingly resentful as Western nations do more, including the dispatch of fighters and the lack of courage of political leaders on Sunday... NATO allies have hesitated to give Zelensky some of the more powerful equipment he begged for, fearing that it would cause a much wider war.

In fact, according to new polls, Russia’s invasion is at least somewhat worrisome to most Americans that the United States could be directly involved in conflict and become a target for nuclear weapons. From the Associated Press-National Poll Center NORC.

Moscow now states that it is focused on securing the entire eastern Donbus region, which has been partially dominated by Russian-backed separatists since 2014.

Ukraine’s military intelligence director, Kirilo Budanov, accused Russia of trying to divide Ukraine into two and compared it to the north and south. He predicted that the Ukrainian war against guerrillas would upset such a plan.

Ukraine, meanwhile, has banned reports of military and equipment movements that have not been announced or approved by the military. Journalists who violate the law can face three to eight years in prison.

Restrictions apply after Ukrainian authorities have criticized social media users for posting photos and videos of military movements. In a widely reported incident, Kyiv residents were accused by security services of posting an image of a Ukrainian military vehicle on TikTok near a later shopping center, destroyed by a Russian missile attack. .. Russia claimed that Ukraine used this location to replenish rocket artillery.


Andrea Rosa of Kharkov, Nevi Kena of Kyiv, Kara Anna of Lviv, and Associated Press journalists from around the world contributed to this report.


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