Two small cars cut from the GM lineup — is this the end of an affordable compact?

General Motors GM,
According to the new report, since the 2022 model, we will trim the smallest two vehicles from the lineup. The GM Authority first announced the news that both Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax will be canceled at the end of the current production run.

Neither development is shocking, but it reflects the growing trend of the end of affordable small cars in the US market.

Both face competition in their showroom

Trax is Chevy’s smallest and cheapest SUV, and … well … lesser known. Our reviewer explains: That’s right. “

With a starting price of only $ 21,400 and all-wheel drive available, Trax is an affordable transport under the guarantee of sticking to the road even in bad weather. But it lacks the sophistication of more sophisticated competition like the modern HYMTF.
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Kona and Honda HMC,

The Chevy Trax is one of Chevy’s best choices for bargain hunters.


It’s not even the best subcompact SUV in Chevy Lot. The new Trail Blazer easily takes that honor — and its starting price is only $ 200 higher than Tracks.

Trax may easily be the cheapest Chevrolet. The company recently announced plans to cancel the Spark subcompact car, the cheapest new car in the United States this year. The starting price is $ 13,600. At the time, spokesmen weren’t sure which of the two Tracks as Chevy’s best option for bargain hunters would first disappear from the Chevy showroom.

Buick Encore is essentially a Tracks with sound deadening material, a higher cabin appointment and a more sophisticated suspension. With an asking price of $ 24,600, it’s the cheapest Buick product. But like Tracks, it faces competition in its own showroom. .. The Buick Encore GX with a similar name is more attractive in almost every respect and is less expensive at $ 25,800.

Small cars are disappearing

Few would mourn the loss of either car, but the loss is added to the tendency for few to celebrate. Average prices for new cars in the United States continue to rise, and manufacturers are reducing the cheapest options from their lineup.

The average new American car sold for $ 46,085 in February. That’s a slight decrease from the previous month, but it’s still about $ 5,000 over a year ago. Many factors are contributing to the rise.

Some were decisions made by car makers. The global shortage of microchips has prevented automakers from producing the desired number of cars. They used the chips available to make more expensive models with higher margins.

But car shoppers have also shaped the trend. Americans have bought more luxury cars than ever before, avoiding affordable smaller models like Trax and Encore.

One exception

Are entry-level vehicles dying? Probably not. Ford F,
Last year, we introduced a new bargain model to our own lineup. This is with a rare twist. It’s a truck. With a starting price of just under $ 20,000, Ford Maverick won the KBB Best New Model Award for its practicality and value. Maverick was able to build it. Trucks will be backordered next year, even if competitors cut the bottom edge of the lineup.

Do not miss it: This is the time when you can look forward to the price of used cars finally falling.

Perhaps Maverick’s success has lessons for other automakers.

So far, Chevy has eliminated the cheapest cars, and the cheapest SUVs and Buick-enabled cars may not be too late. Advise buyers that under normal circumstances it is often possible to discuss in depth with the dealer. Scrap car discounts But in today’s sales environment, that may not be true.

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