This was an Oscar to remember – unlike some winners | Oscar 2022

“TThe hat was the best night in TV history! “The stunned Chris Rock said. It was mean.

But it was the best night in movie history. Well, no. This is an Academy Awards ceremony designed to award the Best Picture Award to the shallowest and most mediocre films on the list. By the way, I maintain the craft award. From live broadcasts and honorary Oscars of Elaine May, Liv Ullmann, Danny Glover and Samuel L. Jackson.

But it did give a lesson about the extent to which A-listers agree to roast. Smith had to somehow try to make a slap rock to match playing tennis star Venus and Richard Williams, the father of Serena Williams, when the movie was really everything. Smith’s tormented speech about Richard Williams’ heroic non-violent confrontation with complaints harassing his daughters for high-level behavior, his best actor award wins or shame I showed that I wasn’t sure if it was the moment.

Anyway, back in the coder, a shallow movie that won each category it was nominated for: Best Photograph, Best Adaptation Award for Director Sian Heder, Best for Hearing Impaired Performer Troy Kotzal Supporting actor award. A student at a school called Ruby (Emilia Jones) is a hearing-impaired child, Coda, whose parents are Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin. Ruby is not deaf and must help her mother, father and brother (Daniel Durant). The hearing impaired earns a modest income from catching and selling fish, but when she discovers she has a great talent for singing and has the opportunity to go to a famous music academy, she Suffering from the idea of ​​being dishonest in existence Dual level: The purpose of her life is now in music, her family can no longer understand it, and she is no longer hearing of her father’s boat. He can’t be a deck hand, without which he can’t trade.

Well, this movie almost solves the first problem with the power of love, but the second problem of her family’s fishing livelihood becomes ridiculously ambiguous. The screenplay and performance (including the winner Kotzal’s) is not. After all, Coda is to embark on a journey of fascinating, obstacle-free characters and show off her compassion and all-around loveliness. A drama about the purpose of a character with a disability. Characters with disabilities are left behind – and all the emotional work of the film is done by Joni Mitchell’s song “Both Sides Now.” Movie-wise, it’s a real non-event.

Jane Campion’s movie The Power of the Dog was less than I expected at night, but it was a good decision to give Jane Campion an Academy Award for Best Directing. This did not meet general standards or audience expectations. It’s a movie whose director had a real movie language. The dunes of Dennisville Neuve are also great art films, and it was nice to see them take the filming, production design and editing home (the award academy, with its wisdom, decided it wasn’t sexy enough for live broadcasts. Did.)

Ariana Devose’s victory in the Best Supporting Actress category for her performance in Steven Spielberg’s stunning West Side Story was also what the Academy was right for (other candidates, Aunhanue Ellis, Jessie Buckley, Judi Dench, Kirsten Dunst, DeBose was the lively, passionate, vibrant vitality and instinctive relationship with the camera in the film. The Star was born. ..

As Jessica Chastain’s winning the Best Actress Award in the eyes of Tammy Faye, as a evangelist and a typical LGBTQ ally, Tammy Faye Mess, my personal preference is. It was a complicated star turn at Olivia Colman’s Lost Daughter. Watchable performance and she gives off intelligence and fun.

Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast was a movie I enjoyed a lot with a heartfelt, embarrassing, timeless, non-satirical approach to the subject. I was very happy to see him get the best original script. I gave Paul Thomas Anderson his comedy-satirical licorice pizza.

Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car was a worthy award for Best International Feature Film. This is certainly a great movie, but it reminds us that the Academy was nervous about giving the best award to a movie with subtitles before. Bonjuno parasite.

Well, # Oscars2022 was a wooden spoon night. And it was a night of people who were willing to play Will Smith’s punching moments over and over again and ran out of YouTube apps on their phones. It was certainly not a knockout.

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