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The Kremlin despises the family because it has stagnated the return of their dead, Zelenskiy | Ukraine says

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Moscow of disrespecting the families of their dead soldiers and disagreed with plans to return the bodies of those killed in action to Russia. ..

Zelenskiy argued that the Kremlin pays less respect to those killed during the invasion of Ukraine than would normally be given to dead pets.

“We all had a moment when someone died. Maybe not even relatives or relatives. Listen. If a dog or cat dies, that’s not the way to act,” Zelensky said online. He said in an interview. With a Russian journalist on Sunday night. “I’m telling you this as the president of a country fighting Russian soldiers … it’s a war, but they aren’t animals.”

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereschuk, who is in charge of negotiations with Moscow about the return of the remains, has lost Moscow officials despite Russia’s repeated offer to return it with a list of missing persons.

She said she had spoken to several Russian officials over the phone or Zoom, including Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin and Kremlin’s human rights ombudsman Tatiana Moskarkova. “Take away your body.” She had no reaction. She just said, “We’ll work on it,” Vereshchuk said.

The Russian Defense Ministry last week announced the official death toll of 1,351 in the first month when Moscow claimed to call it a “special military operation” in Ukraine, but Kyiv said the actual total was over 16,000. .. The number of victims is between 7,000 and 15,000. Ukraine has not released figures on its own casualties.

Zelenskiy’s adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, said Russians were using mobile crematoriums in the Crimean Peninsula and Belarus to dispose of the bodies of some soldiers, while others were difficult to retrieve.

“They are lying in the fields, and the Russians don’t take them. There are corpses in the abandoned tanks. They are burning and hard to get out,” he said.

Vereshchuk said that Ukraine had at least 2,000 bodies of Russian soldiers in refrigerated storage in various parts of the country, with burnt remains and simply named ID cards, but Russians are interested. Said he didn’t.

“We are counting them all. We have debris in the fridge. We tell them, take them, they are in the body bag, we put them in. You can pass it to the Red Cross and send it to the Belarusian border wherever you want, giving you these bodies, “Vereshchuk said.

She said it could request Russia to send a list of missing persons via the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and return a match compared to the organization Ukraine had it. Added. I need to admit the number of soldiers killed, so I want to send a list.

Ukrainian officials have stated that they want to treat the bodies of Russian soldiers with respect, but they have also launched a telegram channel that lists information about soldiers killed in the invasion and posts horrific photographs of the bodies. For some legal experts, this could violate Geneva’s customs.

On Monday, the video was circulated on a pro-Ukrainian telegram account, and Ukrainian soldiers appeared to call their relatives using a dead Russian phone and mourn his death. The video could not be confirmed immediately.

Svetlana Golub, chairman of the Union of the Committees of Soldiers, an NGO that defends the rights of Russian soldiers, has accused Ukrainian authorities of blocking the return of their bodies.

“Zelensky is just lying. I’m ready to go personally and pick up the body. Ukrainian authorities haven’t allowed us to do that,” she said. She said her organization wrote several letters to Ukrainian police. Reject our request or tell us that Russia must first regain all its troops. Sometimes they completely ignore our request, “she said.

In a previous interview with the Guardian, Mr Gorab said Russian Defense Ministry officials were “stuck” over the return of the body. “I couldn’t speak on behalf of the government,” Golab said.

Some Russian NGOs and human rights experts have taken on the role of the country in Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin has signed a law imposing up to 15 years in prison to disseminate deliberate “fake” news about the military. Be careful not to criticize it openly.

Ukrainian officials are demanding that relatives undergo a DNA test before receiving the bodies of their deceased families, Gorab said.

“That means each mother has to come to Ukraine and give them her DNA, but why the mother of a dead Russian soldier needs to transfer her DNA to another state. mosquito?”

Vereshchuk said that the process being discussed for individual returns actually involved Russian relatives providing DNA samples to the ICRC in Russia, after which Ukraine left the rest to the ICRC for return to their relatives. He said he would hand it over.

An ICRC spokesperson said such an agreement had not yet been reached. “We are in continuous discussion with both authorities on the issue of prisoners of war, corpses and missing,” a spokesman said.

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