Summary of “Riverdale”: Season 6, Episode 7 — Funeral, Garbage Bag Killer

Do you need to catch up?Please read before Riverdale I will summarize here.

Veronica RiverdaleThe main character to rest this week — and Archie has almost joined the character in the afterlife.

Ronnie still suffers from guilt after ordering a hit that sniffs his father Hiram. She confessed to Reggie, and Hiram’s body was found in the woods, with four bullets behind his head, and decided to host a monument to her father. At the casino, her mother Hermione and her grandmother attend, her grandma brings her goddess Herald — and she wants Veronica to also deliver her compliments.

Hermione appears, towed by a reality show crew (Hello Marisol Nichols!), And a camera show, but Veronica puts her aside and makes it a reality. Veronica and Hiram had a bond, but it’s not all love and hugs: the Hiram assassin is back to point his gun at Veronica, and fortunately Herald is to shoot him to death. I’m there. , Veronica acknowledges her complex feelings towards her dad in her jealousy, but she also talks about all the great things her “papakin” did. In addition, she receives a recording of his last words. As her daughter — and she leaves her with his rum business. Oh, Elmosa doesn’t do that either.

As for Archie and Betty, their psychic powers are beginning to decline — Betty has a terrible migraine — and the garbage bag killer is emailing her chopped pieces of Glen. A mass of palladium found during the reconstruction of a house, like kryptonite. The timing is also bad. Because TBK first stalked Betty in the FBI’s office and then warned that he would chase after Archie … and Archie was a crew member who found palladium coldly knocked out by construction.

The man turned out to be a trash bag killer tying Archie in the attic, knowing that Palladium was robbing him and threatening to chop him up. Knock TBK from the window. Later, Archie and Betty find that the crew is TBK and listens to all conversations, including stories about their superpowers. Betty decides to leave Riverdale. If not, just when you’re used to #Barchie!

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7 CherylElsewhere in the episode: Cheryl, now obsessed with the spirit of her ancestor Abigail, vowed revenge on the gang and was very interested in Toni, who is very similar to her beloved Tomasina (Nana Rose). “Sheri Gale” banished her to a horse novel because she tried to keep her away from Toni); Kevin is in the town caring for baby Anthony, so he agreed to represent his dad. The Percival Pickens man appeared at a town meeting, and we don’t trust him; and suffered from Jughead deafness and finally wrote a graphic novel inspired by his condition. .. But that’s not all. I thought I heard Tabitha say something … but in fact I was able to hear her thoughts. Yes, the jughead also has supernatural powers.

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