Slap on stage gives Oscar more drama than negotiated

The theme of the 2022 Oscar was “Unity of Movie Lovers”. For Chris Rock and Will Smith, the reunion was more dramatic and painful than the Academy planned or wanted.

Indeed, at the most talked-about moment of the show, Smith, who was nominated for “King Richard” and ultimately the winner of the best actor, staged a comedian in the turmoil of the ABC audience, where the incident was almost completely bleached. I hit it above. (Smith reportedly attacked Rock in response to a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, according to reports from within the Dolby Theater.)

This was probably not the way the show’s producers wanted to bring the film back to the center of cultural conversation.

Until the dust was cleared, the candidates and presenters seemed excited to meet again, the social distance was shortened, and the broadcast was full of energy.

But Movie Lovers Unite also betrays Oscar’s struggle to reorganize a large number of movie-loving TV viewers and encourage them to reunite at the cinema.

Programs often felt the tension of trying to offer something to everyone.

The award cast began boldly and noisy, and decided to show that the film industry could still do the show. It started with one of the most impressive musical performances in some Oscars. Beyonce is Williams’ biopic “King Richard” on the Compton Tennis Court, introduced by Serena and Venus Williams, lined up with a swarm of dancers and a tennis ball green.

This was followed by plural hosts such as Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes, whose awards were aired hostlessly since Jimmy Kimmel’s last stage in 2018. Host Schumer Jibd was “cheaper than hiring a single man”).

Oh, there was also an award in the end. The best supporting actress award went to Ariana Devose in “West Side Story”. Ariana Devose made an emotional speech recognizing her victory as an “openly strange-colored woman.” Oscar’s acting — and “certainly there is a place for us,” she said, worried about her identity to young people. There was Troy Kotsuru, a hearing-impaired person in “CODA”. Acceptance that also worked for Popeye’s Spot on Mime.

These were the best ads in the movie and exciting moments that reminded fans of the power of art and performance.

Although recent Oscars had few political and social speeches (pandemics were mainly for laughter), Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis referred to “recent global events” and silently prayed. Calls for assistance to Ukraine continued.

However, there were also three extreme sports athletes who introduced James Bond montage, which seems to be the result of a brainstorming session on “How to appeal to young people.” There was a video list of the fans’ “Five Most Hilarious Moments”. If Oscar is hijacked by a pop-up internet ad, Oscar could win the “Fan’s Favorite Movie of the Year” and an Emmy Award.

Passion and Stunts, Nostalgia and Snowboarding: This busy Oscar wanted to offer something to all market quadrants. I had to do something to make room. In short, eight “behind-the-scenes” awards were shunted in the pre-show time. Participating in a clumsy live show that we could only hope for was a form of protest on behalf of the film editing department.

The enthusiasm for grab bags now feels like a manifestation of conflicting pressures on Oscar. We are trying to reconstruct a broken mass media viewer as a declining television show. As an exhibit in the film industry, remove the audience from the couch and return it to the multiplex or art house.

Of course, it’s probably impossible to expect one three-hour TV show to reverse the systematic changes in the streaming era. After all, this was a competition that was a big issue: the movie or HBO Max that viewers watched on Netflix or Apple TV + will be the biggest winner (the best photo winner is the iPad during the flight of the plane). It was Apple’s “CODA” that I saw in.)

But when the star is televised for three hours, it can still make a fuss, as Smith and Rock proved, but it’s annoying. When Smith won the “King Richard” Best Actor Award and returned to stage, the drama grew and emotionally apologized. It seems to compare himself not only to the audience, but to his character Richard Williams, “a fierce defender of his family.”

After all, the movie’s biggest ad will have less people talking about Smith’s acting than his struggle. The biggest moments of the broadcast aimed at regaining the glory of mass television will probably be re-watched the next day, mostly as unbleached video. Television viewers couldn’t watch it on the air.

No one may be able to return to the theater for the big moments of the 2022 Oscars, but there’s no doubt they’re streaming video clips.

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