Shakir weighs Kanye West and Pete Davidson Beef, and an SNL star branded Kim’s name on the chest.

At this point, it’s easy to see that Kanye West doesn’t like Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. He has been frequently spoken on Distrack, Dismusic videos, and his Instagram account for several weeks. She also seems to have an opinion on the public situation, including Shaquille O’Neal. A former NBA player, who once joked about Ye becoming a neighbor with his ex-wife, is now part of both rapper and Pete Davidson.With recent major beef SNL A star who branded Kim’s name on her chest.

Shaq spins his stance slightly at Kanye West

About the latest episode of Shaq’s big podcast, The group discussed a text message allegedly leaked from Pete Davidson to Kanye West. The comedian not only told West to “grow sexual intercourse,” but also shared a photo of himself shirtless, “Shakir actually” started “on social media before, so I feel sorry for West’s pain. He said he wasn’t. However, after recent admission to the bedroom, sports analysts called Davidson quite “cold.” say it:

Be careful when posting personal things on social media. I have to agree with that. Pete is a monster. Kanye said, “Watchers are doing it.” [Pete] Said, “I’m in bed with your wife.” Ooooh boy. Boys, boys, boys. With your wife in bed. … Was it a battle word or a prison word?

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