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Prince William lives in the optics of “colonialism” during the Royal Tour, REBECCA ENGLISH writes.

From the Mayan ruins in the heart of the Chikibal Forest to the kaleidoscopic colors of the Bahamas’ John Canoe, there was an eight-day whirlwind on a tour with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Not to mention William’s unprecedented statement trying to understand everything, some of the dramatic twists and turns could not have been predicted.

But unlike the keyboard warriors who decided to stumble William and Kate, traveling with a couple is clear that the Caribbean tour wasn’t a catastrophe that many believe. ..

Contrary to the views of some districts, the couple were very alive in the optics of “colonialism” and were able to meet as many members of the visiting community as possible, smaller. , Chosen more intimate involvement. From a magnificent set piece.

The Duchess of Cambridge waved to children to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee on the fourth day of a tour of the Caribbean Sea on behalf of the Queen when she visited Trench Town, the birthplace of reggae in Kingston, Jamaica. I am.

It does not mean that there were no correctly emphasized failures.

Remember that it was this newspaper that broke the story of the couple being forced to withdraw consecutively from their first major engagement in Belize over indigenous land rights.

I heard that their team knew there was a problem in the area about five weeks ago, but they followed the advice of the local government and proceeded with it.

And why withdraw even with the advice of local government officials? Would you like to meet the community and discuss their concerns directly? The family of sustainable cocoa farms they were planning to visit was completely devastated by such a lost opportunity.

Yes, there was a demonstration in Jamaica against British rule. However, it was polite and respectful and consisted of about 100 people. This is in contrast to the 1,000 or so people who could catch a glimpse of them when they visited Trench Town for a soccer match. Visit Bob Marley’s house.

Were they there for the royal family themselves, or were they there for the sight? It’s hard to say, but the screams and cheers that prompted Cambridge’s arrival certainly outperformed that of Jamaican-born popular English football star Raheem Sterling. The couple put their hands on the wire mesh and were caught by the camera and greeted the applicant.

Take it from someone who was there: the atmosphere was nice, the couple was called by a crowd who wanted to meet them and instinctively wanted to do so. The alternative was to stand 20 feet away, smile and wave. And I don’t think you can get much more “colonies” than that.

The Duchess of Cambridge shake hands with locals while visiting Trench Town, the birthplace of reggae in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Duchess of Cambridge shake hands with locals while visiting Trench Town, the birthplace of reggae in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Duchess of Cambridge shake hands with locals while visiting Trench Town, the birthplace of reggae in Kingston, Jamaica.

That said, I know Kensington Palace admits this, but in the post-pandemic Black Lives Matter world, aides need to “think out of the box” and live in fascinating optics. Focused on being. To think about our way of thinking and actions. In fact, what upset the palace team the most was the resulting social media “pile-on” designed by some.

There is no doubt that the whole spirit of the Royal Tour will change. Celebration is reduced and the cerebrum is increased. Glamor and pageantry are minimized. What surprised me lately was how thoughtful and intuitive William was, in particular.

He has traveled the world with him since his first solo tour in New Zealand in 2005 and is a very unusual man.

When he was young, the infamous impatient prince would have been overwhelmed by the press and yelled at the headline of blaming everyone but himself. I saw it directly.

William, who I saw on the tour, was calm, lively in everything around him, and showed true leadership and true empathy to the people he met. I hesitate to say this right away, but I think he will be a good king.

His remarks over the weekend were an absolute master class in diplomacy, showing humility and admitting critics without towing them.

He and Kate were stronger than ever as a team.

William is very proud of her, and she is finally out of the shell, leading the engagement, getting out of the car first, reaching out and starting to reach out.

William still benefits from his mother’s aura, but Kate created all of her own aura.


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