Phantom will drop new footage from the second half of Season 4

A new clip from the next half of Young Justice: Phantom spotlights the unexpected ominous return of the classic DC Supervillain.

HBO Max has released a preview of the next story arc young justice: phantom..

The clip was shared in the hero mode of the Twitter account with the caption “Loyalty should be rewarded.” The arc, which appears to be focused on Aquaman and his support cast, will take place on April 20th in an underwater cave near the Kingdom of Atlantis. A guard named Danus is waiting for someone. He met the longtime villain Ocean Master. He is thankful for his loyalty.

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With continuity young justiceOcean Master was first introduced as Prince Ohm, the brother of King Arthur Curry and a loyal Atlantis politician, but later in the ranking members of the Cabal of Supervillain, secretly known as Wright. Yes, it became clear that they were conspirators of their plot. The tie-in comic series details that the Ocean Master attempted a coup between the first and second seasons of the show, resulting in the imprisonment of the prince. He returned to Season 3 episode “Home Fires” and planned to kill the Justice League family for revenge. However, he was stopped by Lady Shiva, the executor of Wright. He killed the Ocean Master before enacting the Cabal’s “nuclear option.”

young justice Initially premiered on Cartoon Network in 2010, it ran for two seasons until canceled due to the sale of subprime products. The fan protests were strong enough that the service was modified and the show moved again, this time to HBO Max. young justice,subtitle phantomFirst released in 2021, the episode block was split into story arcs focused on individual heroes who were the protagonists of the show’s first season, including Martians, Superboys, Artemis, and Zatanna.

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when phantom Greg Wiseman, co-producer of the premiere series, young justice Still in the air, I encouraged fans to clarify their love for the show. “young justice “If fans want more Earth-16, the answer is simple. # KeepBingingYJ (all four seasons) over and over again. And help us. # SpreadTheWord. # SaveEarth16. “

New episode of young justice: phantom It will premiere on HBO Max on March 31st.

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