Oscar’s first pre-show ceremony was lively and not a joke

Not all Oscar winners won the award on live television this year.

A dramatic break from decades of Oscar tradition, eight awards were awarded an hour before television broadcasts began at 5 pm on ABC. These awards are in the Film Editing, Makeup and Hairstyles, Production Design, Original Scores, and Sound Craft categories. , And the three short films were awarded only within the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

“Dune” co-stars Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa moderated the time and gave the presentation. Winners were announced on social media when they were released in theaters, after which a clip of the acceptance speech was edited into the official Oscar broadcast.

This decision has caused a great deal of controversy in the film industry. Prominent candidates such as Steven Spielberg, Jane Campion, Dennis Villeneuve and Guillermo del Toro have blamed the plan, and many are in the second (or third? Fourth) category affected by this decision. I believe it looks like a tier race. ..

Prior to the ceremony, Oscar’s television broadcast producer Will Packer promised: [nominees] To be able to give their speeches and have their moments on that stage in front of their peers … from the perspective of the actual show, and with respect for those categories, put them in the right place Putting, it will all happen. “”

Prior to the pre-show, Zendaya in “Dune”, Ariana Devose, who won by supporting the actress’s honor on her turn in “West Side Story”, and Jessica Chastain, who won the best actress in her role. Stars arrived on the carpet, including “Tami Fay’s Eyes.” Earlier this month, Chastain said in an interview, “It’s definitely there when the make-up category is called. If that means, Red Carpet. I haven’t pressed or ABC, etc. Yes, that’s right. ”

At around 3:40 pm, the red carpet enthusiasm slowed down. Candidates and guests stopped near the top of the stairs leading to the Dolby Theater, stepped in and rested. The venue was decorated with enough hand sanitizer stations with the words “Please be kind”. , Please ensure your safety. No one inside was wearing a mask. The mood was almost pandemic as the guests stood close to each other, the server darts back and forth, and towed an empty wine glass. AnthonyHopkins, Ashton Kutcher, Ava DuVernay, Billie Eilish, Javier Bardem, Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz and Queen Latifah were one of the stars who arrived on the red carpet after the pre-show began.

Minutes before the unopened event, the bar closed temporarily and guests began to rush to their seats. At 4 pm, the lights dimmed and Dolby became quiet. After a 30-second countdown, the pre-show ceremony began. Hosts Brolin and Momoa wisely talk about how the Academy asked Aquaman instead of asking Billy Crystal to host it, after Momoa said, “Talk to the elephants in the room,” given the unusual year. did.

The first award was given to “Dune”. This award won the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing and drew great cheers from the crowd. At that moment, like everyone else on the non-television show, it was strangely played, speeded up and edited on later television broadcasts. The winners had already been announced on social media, so there was little excitement in the room.

“Dune” swept four of the eight awards at an unopened ceremony. Hans Zimmer won the movie’s highest original score (Momoa accepted it on his behalf because Zimmer wasn’t present to accept the award). It is also the best editing award for “Dune”. “The word’Oscar-nominated’can be used as an insult in the hands of a skilled 17-year-old,” Walker said. The acceptance speech recorded the first real laugh of the night. And “Dune” won again for production design.

Prior to the untapped event, it was thought that the winners could protest the change from the academy, but the acceptance speech lacked the destructive elements that many expected. I did. Rare Exception: While receiving the “Basketball Queen” award, director Ben Proudfoot used his speech to tell President Biden that an arc cartridge was found in her luggage in February in Moscow. He begged WNBA star Brittney Griner, who was arrested at the airport, to take him home.

In their speech, neither the organizers nor the winners directly mentioned the fact that these awards were unpublished. Moreover, there were few jokes and witty jokes. The bland ceremony went on with an amazing clip and was completed in 30 minutes. There was no emotion, the surprise and charm that is characteristic of the craft department’s speech.

The crowd stood up as soon as the final award for hair makeup was announced. Most of the guests rushed to the door before the television broadcast began.

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