Northern California reaches city-wide internet contract

(TNS) — Yuba City announced on Monday a city-wide partnership between fiber optic and SiFi networks for free, according to a city news release.

SiFi Networks is an international fiber optic network developer that funds, builds and operates a community-wide network that enables Internet service providers to deliver high-speed Internet, video and telephone. According to the release, Yuba is the eighth registered city in California. For the FiberCity initiative of the SiFi network.

“We are pleased to be able to provide fiber optic network solutions to our community through the SiFi network, which is an important step for the future growth and prosperity of our residents and businesses.” Yuba City Mayor Mark Boom Garden said through the release. The partnership ensures that Yuba City is at the forefront of technology and provides the infrastructure needed for citizens and the economy to prosper in the future. “

SiFi contacted Mayor Dave Vaughn in February, investing about $ 70-80 million in Yuba City to build city-wide gigabits in all homes and businesses without using the city’s taxpayer subsidies. He has shown an interest in building and operating speedy open access fiber networks. , Mr. Bourne said on Monday. Earlier this month, the city council resolved to adopt a resolution to conclude a rights and use contract with the SiFi network.

“Because the city of Yuba City is subject to the Road Use Agreement, the fiber network will be installed throughout the embedded city area,” Bourne said in an email. It was set up in an unincorporated area adjacent to the city. “

SiFi plans to install fiber on the street. The next phase of the project is for SiFi to survey the city and locate existing utilities on the road. Research activities should not have a significant impact on traffic.

“As part of the entry permit process, SiFi needs to submit a traffic control plan for the installation of fibers, at which point it is expected to have some impact on traffic,” Vaughn said.

SiFi will personally fund, build and operate the system. SiFi will also have to pay the city up to $ 100,000 annually to cover the staff’s time processing SiFi intrusion permit applications. SiFi can take up to two years from the start of construction. It takes 3 years to complete the construction. Construction will begin after the survey and design are completed and permission is obtained.

The fiber network runs through all roads in the city and is accessible to all residents, businesses and facilities. This will allow multiple Internet providers to access the network with the goal of enhancing access, stimulating competition and creating better market choices, prices and customer service. , According to the release.

Residents and businesses can register their interest in Fiber City at for the latest information on the project.

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