Netflix’s live-action One Piece series casts Peter Gadiot as Shanks-News

The one piece News-News Coo Online-Live Stream announced on Monday that Peter Gadiot will play Shanks in a live-action Hollywood series. Eiichiro Odaof one piece manga.

Previously announced cast members are:

Inaki Godoy As Monkey D. Luffy

Mackenyu Nitta As Roronoa Zoro

Emily Rudd As Nami

Jacob Romero Gibson As Usopp

Taz Skyler As Sanji

Morgan Davies As Coby

Ilia Isoleris Paulino As Alvida

Aidan Scott As Helmeppo

Jeff Ward as a buggy

McKinley Belcher III As Aaron

Vincent Regan As a garp

Netflix Exclusive distribution of live-action series. There are 10 episodes in the first season, and Oda will be executive producer.

Tomorrow’s studioPartnerships between producers Marty Adelstein ((((Prison Break, Teen Wolf) And ITV Studios are producing a live-action series. Matt Owens ((((Luke Cage, SHIELD Agent) Is the writer of the show. Steven Maeda When Becky Clements I’m an executive producer.

Adelestein Jump Festa In 2017, he said the adaptation of the live-action Hollywood television series of comics began with East Blue Ark and “spreads from there.”Adelestein also said that the series was “true one piece“After he personally discussed the project with Oda.

The one piece The manga, like many other pirates, revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, who dreams of getting the legendary “One Piece” treasure left by the legendary pirates. He gathers the crew and the ship and explores the Grand Line. Although he is a treasure, he confronts rival pirates and the government navy along the way.

Oda started serialization one piece Manga Shueishaof Weekly Shonen Jump The manga is July 19, 1997. Volume 57 printed the first edition of 3 million copies, which is an industry record nationwide, in March 2010. Volume 67 printed the first edition of 4.05 million copies, a new national industry record, in August 2012. The manga won the 41st Japan Manga Artist Award in 2012 and set a Guinness World Record in 2015 with “the most copies published by one author in the same manga series.”

Volume 100 of the manga was released in Japan in September 2021, and volume 101 was shipped in December 2021. Shueisha Volume 102 will be published on April 4th. Oda published Chapter 1,000 in January 2021.

The ongoing animation adaptation premiered in 1999. The 1,000th episode of the anime debuted in November 2021. Franchise There is also the next animated film in the title One Piece Film Red It will open on August 6th.

“We Are One!” Is a mini-series of five short drama videos commemorating the 100th anniversary. one piece Manga volume and 1,000th one piece Anime episode. The miniseries will premiere in August 2021 and new episodes will be streamed daily. The last episode was streamed in September 2021.

Tomorrow’s studio We also produced an adaptation of the live-action TV series. Cowboy Bebop..

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