Moon Knight Promo touches on the unique marriage issues of heroes

The new Moon Knight promotion touches on a unique and problematic romance between Mark Specter / Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Layla El Foley (Maykara Mawi).

When Moon knight The Marvel Studios, which will premiere on Disney + in just a few days on March 30, will be the unique and problematic of Mark Specter / Stephen Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Layla El Foley (May Caramawi). We have canceled a new promotion to make fun of a relationship.

In the promotion, Caramawi’s Leila reveals that she and Mark had previously “adventured” and “lived together.” But like Stephen, Isaac’s character has no memory or sharing of the past. Later, Leila seemed particularly surprised when Mark became a guard known as Moon Knight.

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“What was interesting was [head director] Mohamed [Diab] And Sara [Goher]Played the role of his wife and creative partner Leila, and found a way to deepen it by making much stronger connections, “Issac recently said. Total film About the character of Caramawi. “For example, the fact that Mark and she are married or found to be married. The important thing that came from every conversation with Mohammed is to create a desperate personality to connect with Stephen. I love you, but I don’t have the social skills to do it. Due to the blackout and his lack of history, it creates an introverted personality, but all he wants is to be connected. . “

The actor went on to say, “When Leila enters his life and looks like the only person who can help him, he has someone and she is supposed to get married. So his life suddenly collapses and begins to brighten, but she mistakes him for someone else. On the other side is Mark, who is pushing everyone, especially Leila. It turned out in his heart that he was trying to protect her. This up-and-coming romance that Pull and Stephen have with her, and full of regret and shame, herself. Mark wants to push her away for the sake of her safety. “

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In addition to Isaac as Moon Knight and Caramawi as Leila, Disney + Moon knight Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harlow, Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart / Midnight Man, F. Murray Abraham as Consh, Antonia Salib as Taweret, Ray Lucas as Elias Specter, Wendy Specter Fernanda Andrade as Donna, Lucas Suckerley as Donna, David Gunley as Bobby Anne Akinji Lynbilly, while Saffron Hawke, Sophia Asir, Ahmed Dash, Hazem Ehab, Amuru Arkadi, Gigi Dagger, Sophia Danu, Karim El Hakim, Sean Scott and Diana Bermudes all play private roles.

Marvel Studios Moon knight It will premiere on Disney + on Wednesday, March 30th. The series runs in a total of 6 episodes.

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