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Minister: Arab Israeli terrorist shooting Hadera belonging to Islamic State

Interior Minister Omel Barref said the terrorists who made a deadly attack in Hadera on Sunday night, when two Israeli people were killed and several others were injured, belonged to the Islamic State.

“It’s a very serious attack. We’re talking about terrorists belonging to the Islamic State,” Barref told Army Radio after midnight on Sunday.

“We are witnessing an amazing awakening that can happen in any country. Police are deployed in all regions,” he said.

Barlev did not elaborate on the fact that the two shooters belonged to ISIS, nor did they identify them by name.

The Islamic State later claimed responsibility in a statement issued by the Amaq propaganda site.

“Two members of the Jewish (state) police were killed and others were injured in an immersive command attack,” IS said in a rare allegation of an attack within Israel.

According to the SITE Intelligence Group, IS has not officially claimed an attack in Israel since 2017.

The Hebrew media has broadly identified the two terrorists as Aiman ​​and Ibrahim Igbarrier. Their cousin said he was a resident of the Arab central city of Ummal Farm. Israeli police said the two had arrived at the scene with at least 1,100 bullets. 3 pistols and 6 knives.

According to Israeli police, two terrorists fired at police along Samuel Herbert Road in Hadera on Sunday night, killing two and injuring several before police shot down both Igbarriers.

Ibrahim, 31, was arrested by Turkish police in 2016 after attempting to join the Islamic State Jihadist group in Syria. He was subsequently arrested by Israeli security forces and put in prison for a year and a half as a member of a terrorist group.

Taken at the Haifa District Court on June 29, 2016, Ibrahim HassanYussef Ighbariah was on trial trying to join the Islamic State of Syria. (Screen capture: Twitter)

Reported Islamic State affiliation creates a link to another recent terrorist attack by Arab Israelis against Israeli civilians Last Tuesday, convicted of terrorism from the town of Bedouin in Hula, Negeb. Arab Israel’s Mohammad Galeb Abu Archian killed four Israeli citizens of Bedouin suffered the worst attacks on Israeli citizens in six years. Abu Archian, who was also killed during the attack, was put in prison for four years for attempting to join the Syrian fundamentalist Islamic State terrorist group. He was released in 2019.

According to the Haaretz daily, Hadera’s second archer, Aiman ​​Igbarrier, was arrested by Simbet in 2017 for illegal weapons possession.

Israeli security forces are said to be investigating whether two Hadera terrorists know Beersheba’s thug Abu Archian.

A video on social media allegedly showing two Igbarriers hugging in front of the Islamic State flag before Sunday’s attack. It was not possible to independently verify the identities of the people in the video.

Police officers entered the city of Umm al-Farm shortly after the shooting to search for the suspect.

For more information, Mayor Umm al-Fam, Samir Mahamed, told The Times of Israel that accurate information about the suspect’s identity and background is not yet available. Mayor Umm al-Fam condemned their actions.

The attack took place when the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Egyptian Foreign Ministers and the US Secretary of State and Israeli Foreign Ministers historicly gathered at the Sde Boker Negev Summit, with all participants in the summit attacking. I blamed you.

IS Wonju, which once controlled millions of people across Syria and Iraq’s Swath, was declared defeated on March 23, 2019.

However, IS operatives continue to attack around the world.

Earlier this month, the IS Group confirmed the death of its leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Krassi, and appointed Abu Hasan Al-Hashemi Al-Krassi to replace him.

The announcement was made more than a month after the death of the IS chief during a helicopter raid on the United States in a region of northwestern Syria dominated by rival jihadists.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist group in Hamas and Palestine celebrated the shooting as a “natural reaction” to the “top of humiliation.”

Tensions have increased between Israeli and Palestinians in recent weeks on the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Ten Palestinians were killed in a fierce conflict with the Israeli army. Some died in gun battles with Israeli soldiers on the west bank of the Jordan River, and others died in attempts to attack.

Two police officers were injured last weekend on suspicion of a stab wound in the Ras Al Amdo district of East Jerusalem, and an Israeli man was stabbed and slightly injured while jogging on Hebron Road in Jerusalem.

Earlier this month, there were several attacks in the Old City of Jerusalem and the nearby town on the west coast.

AFP contributed to this report

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