Kremlin TV hopes Russia’s hingeless Ukrainian war claims will help Trump’s re-election

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine pushed Russia to much of the world, and Kremlin proponents longed for a bit of pro-Russian sentiment in the United States.Recently, state television has almost exclusively used the blessings of translated quotations from two Western voices: Tucker Carlson’s. Fox news Former US President Donald J. Trump has both Carlson in a highly coveted interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump in a giveaway PR campaign designed to illuminate his path to the White House. I have a plan to reward you.

Last Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a colorful chart to show that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is secretly funding the Pentagon’s biolab in Ukraine to develop biological weapons targeting Russia. Was announced. Carlson talked about the accusation later that day and did his best to anticipate doubts about his motives. He said: “What’s the outline of the story? We’re not. Certainly. We know it’s justified to ask what that means. Why not?

Despite Carlson’s disclaimer, Kremlin proponents consider Hunter’s Biolab material to be the right type of toxic waste that can fill the possibility of his father being reelected in 2024. Solo Viev LiveWith clips of the Tucker Carlson show from March 16th. Exhibition According to Russian proponents, Carlson had beaten Florida House of Representatives Maria Salazar for not letting Ukraine concede Russia’s “peace agreement.” Did it happen that encouraging peaceful solutions already at the table could save many lives? Are you doing something in that direction? “

Soloviev’s sights unveiled a Russian strike in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, consistent with Biden’s visit to Warsaw, about 45 miles across the Polish border. Claim Russia bombed that particular city and sent a message directly to Biden. Soloviev added that “a cruise missile attacking Lviv” is “a perfect reaction to Biden’s speech.” I’m still supporting the return of his predecessor.

Dimitri Simes, who heads the Center for the National Interest, was virtually connected to the studio to perform weekly on the show. Mueller’s report records extensive interactions between The Sims and his organization and top executives in the Trump campaign. Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak attended Trump’s first foreign policy speech in 2016. In 2015, the Center arranged a meeting between the US Treasury and Federal Reserve officials for the convicted Russian agent Maria Butina and the then Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia. Alexander Torsin.

Soloviev spewed out about Simes, “I value his friendship.” “It’s always a great honor and a great pleasure for me to appear in your program,” said Simes. Presidential election in 2024. He states: “Russia has provided a deck of cards that are useful to Trump. Documents found in Ukraine and evidence revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop are that Hunter Biden’s company has joined the Ukrainian biological program. Many English-speaking media have already taken it up, and of course China has grabbed it. Trump people can use this as a line of attack on Biden and his family. mosquito?”

Simes said: “They can’t just do that, they’ve already done it, but probably because, with the exception of Fox News, the mainstream American media mainly supports Biden and not Trump. It will be very difficult to achieve. They are always trying to present information that could harm Biden as some kind of unruly conspiracy involving Russia and Vladimirputin. , American journalism has a new term that did not exist before: “Russia’s attack on Ukraine” or even “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”. It is not enough to describe it as “Russian invasion”. That is not enough now. They must add that they are “unfounded, never provoked.” , They describe it as “Trump mistakenly claimed.” As Tucker Carlson began to say something that was a major commentator on Fox News, they immediately said that Tucker Carlson was speaking at Putin’s suggestion, and he received his article from Moscow.

Soloviev speculated that: [Simes] He pointed out that Fox News can’t hear this view anywhere except Tucker Carlson. “

During his television show in 2021 Evening with Vladimir SolovievThe host pinned the return of his favorite US President: “Things were very good under Trump … Listen to Trump Shuka.” Sean after playing a clip of Trump’s interview. Hanity, the former president dismissed the idea of ​​helping Ukraine, repelled the Russian invasion, and Soloviev sighed.[He is] Potentially eliminating the consequences of Russia’s aggression and dramatically limiting US support for Ukraine between the war in Ukraine, which is likely to be a long-term struggle, and the collapse of US sanctions Only one candidate has shown a promise to have. These prospects, the Kremlin mouthpiece, openly show Russia’s intention to participate in yet another US election.


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