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John Oliver discussed many of the systemic problems facing Americans fighting drug addiction and advocated rapid change.

Last week tonight’s host talked about the duality of using drugs after showing a dated PSA.

The number of deaths from overdose has increased significantly, with 100,000 Americans dying in the last 12 months. This is three times the number of fatalities from road accidents and twice the number of deaths from guns.

“Currently, street drugs are an absolute mess,” he said, referring to the levels of fentanyl contamination of many other drugs. And it currently accounts for two-thirds of overdose deaths.

However, the United States has returned to the so-called war on drugs, which is “fueled by fear and false information, which directly leads to bad policies,” and is a “cracked baby” “silly racist” who was later uncovered. Includes media coverage of.

There is also a more recent and completely false statement of overdose of fentanyl just by touching it. This is a “basically adult foot patrol” that was even used by Blue Blood. “When you treat a drug like a biological weapon, you justify a disciplinary military reaction to it,” he said.

It’s a way to avoid real problems, “accepting the reality that people use illegal drugs and some people can’t” through harm reduction “more than protecting people who are really at risk of overdose. It makes sense, “he said, or he doesn’t want to stop, so it may be better to try to mitigate the damage done than to arrest them. “

He talked about the importance of a clean needle program and drug testing to find out what’s in it, the latter in many states thanks to the laws of the war on drugs era. It is done through two valuable tools that are technically illegal. He called it “total madness.” “.

There is also the importance of naloxone, which can prevent overdose of fentanyl. Oliver called it “incredibly effective” and “a miracle of shit,” but the FDA leaves it prescription-only.

There is also an overdose prevention center where you can bring your own drugs and use clean supplies, and if a problem occurs, a specialist can intervene and treat your addiction as needed.

However, while the center offers important services, “whenever it comes to mind as an option, people go crazy for sexual intercourse.” He called the center the “heroin gallery” and played a montage of Republicans and Fox News experts.

Oliver pointed out that 30% of people who use the center are more likely to be treated and 100% less likely to die.

He warned against abstinent punishment for addicts and called on the Biden administration to give “full support” to the Overdose Prevention Center.

“The stigma rooted in our drugs and the people who use them are really deep. We meet people where they are, help them move to safe drug use to stay alive, and depend on them. We need to remove the barriers for people seeking treatment for their illness. “

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