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Israeli US and Arab partners close Iran’s rank and urge Palestinian talks

SDE BOKER, Israel, March 28 (Reuters)-Top US and four Arab diplomats were convened in Israel on Monday to show unity against Iran, but also stagnated for a long time using a rare summit. With Palestinians who put pressure on their hosts to revive peacebuilding.

As Israel concludes two days of talks in a desert hideout where its founding father, David Ben-Gurion, is buried, and builds commercial and security relations with like-minded Sunni Arab nations, this He said the event would be repeated and expanded.

“This new architecture-the shared features we are building-intimidates and deters our common enemy, first and foremost, Iran and its agents,” Foreign Minister Yair Rapid said in the United States. He said alongside the correspondents of Emirati, Baharani, Morocco and Egypt.

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Israel and some Arab countries are concerned that the new nuclear deal with Iran will entrust Persian forces with the means to build bombs and strengthen Tehran-backed guerrillas.

While the United States and other world powers believe that restoring Iran’s nuclear agreement in 2015 is the best option, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington in case of diplomatic failure. It gave a sense of security to our regional allies.

“As neighbors, and in the case of the United States as friends, we work together to tackle common security challenges and threats, including those from Iran and its agents,” he said.

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco have normalized relations with Israel under the 2020 US initiative known as the Abraham Agreement. In 1979 Egypt became the first Arab country to reconcile with Israel.

“These regional peace agreements must be made clear that they are not a substitute for progress between Palestinians and Israelis,” Blinken said, while welcoming the agreement.

Like today’s Arab countries, the United States wants a two-state solution in which Palestinians gain national status alongside Israel. Negotiations for that were stalled in 2014. Israel settled much of the occupied West Bank, but another Palestinian territory, the Gaza Strip, was dominated by hardline Islam.

The cross-partisan coalition government of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the conditions were not appropriate for renewing diplomacy with Palestinians. Palestinians hold Israel accountable as part of them.

“Unless the occupation is over, the Arab Normalization Council is nothing more than an illusion and a free reward for Israel,” Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Steier said on Monday.

King Abdullah of Jordan arrives in Ramallah and meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. This is the first visit in years that was expected to focus on efforts to relieve tensions in the region prior to the holy Ramadan month of Muslims.

Israel was offended by the killing of two police officers in a gun battle by two Arab citizens of the Islamic State on Sunday. “.

Foreign Minister Abdul Latif al-Zayani of Bahrain said the debate would help dodge Iran-backed groups like Hezbollah. “Of course, part of this process will be a new effort to resolve the conflict between Palestine and Israel,” he added.

As another sign, Israel’s Manama ambassador, Eitan Ne, whose allies had been downgraded to Iran, said on Monday that Israel would appoint military attachés to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet headquarters in Bahrain.

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Additional report by Maayan Lubell in Jerusalem, written by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza, Ali Sawfta in Ramallah, written by Dan Williams, edited by Ed Osmond, William Maclean, Philippa Fletcher

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