I know who Lady Whistledown is … do you care?

Through the ballroom, the sultry yard darence, and all the pinned gaze across the sharp thorns during the walk BridgertonOne fearless writer sees everything.

Lady Whistledown is the High Society’s own gossip girl, author of the anonymous gossip column, and isn’t afraid to call it as she sees. Throughout the drama, it provided its own delicious plot fuel. The Queen of England was keen to discover the identity of the writer who dared to question her choices, but her clever Eloise Bridgerton found Lady Whistledown and criticized herself bitterly. Decided to share the gossip itself, Bridgerton.Lady Whistledown’s anonymity and all-seeing eye tension feel like it’s coming from everywhere, perhaps everywhere.

[Ed. Note: This piece contains major spoilers for the end of the first season and Penelope’s plotline in season 2 of Bridgerton]

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But in the last few moments Bridgerton Season 1, the mystery reveals: Wallflower Penelope Featherington is actually ton’s most scandalous gossip monger.

The problem is … do you care?

The biggest factor Bridgerton Losing by revealing Mrs. Whistledown’s identity is a drama born of her anonymity. This is a game not only for Eloise, Queen Charlotte and other characters, but also for us as a spectator. Much of that tension is counteracted and replaced by a boring plot line about Penelope trying to perform a gossip pamphlet.

Besides the main romance at hand, Bridgerton.. (You can even claim to be that too many. In the first season, most of these were needed to establish the main players in the series and explain in more detail why the core characters were like them. For example, Daphne’s desire for love matches has been strengthened. Due to various withered marriages and purely strategic relationships, especially in advanced societies. Sure, some of these extra plot lines were more interesting than others, but even if the episodes were incredibly long, they worked pretty well overall.

In the second season, the episodes will be just as long to put together all these loose ends. But for some reason, it sends Benedict to some of the more interesting characters and plot lines of the first season, such as Anthony’s opera singer’s mistress and invited queer painters — some gorgeous sex parties — no longer exist. .. Their absence leaves more time for other players, which can flesh them out more, but unfortunately the rest of the plot lines are pretty dull in everything considered. And it greatly reveals that Penelope is a lady Whistledown is probably the worst criminal. Because it is not enough to deepen her personality and challenges she faces in the structure of a high society, or to dig deeper into who she is as a person and what her motives are.

Eloise and Penelope for a walk

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Most of Penelope’s plot involves her managing the gossip empire or pinning Colin. Colin is the most trusted person in the world and, completely like Plato, can’t imagine her life. The former includes long trekking throughout London and trips to dressmakers and print shops. There are many scenes around Penelope that highlight her business and do more or less the same thing. She wants to be saw, And seeing whistle down as a way to achieve that, it’s a roundabout. However, knowing that alone is not enough to hang the entire character, not to mention the exposure of this magnitude.

Penelope’s side hustle is also particularly surrounded by grating #girlboss energy — she is an independent woman with her own business! But … she’s just hiding money under her floorboard, isn’t she really doing anything? Even if her family is broken? !! What is her end? In the middle of talking about Anthony and Kate, why do we need to know her identity now? If the show follows a book, each Bridgerton kid gets a chance to shine — and (book spoilers) Penelope will be Colin’s love concern in the fourth season. It’s not a season that focuses on two characters she rarely interacts with, but a perfect time to dive into her double life. Do a lot about.

What the whistle down is doing is to be discovered by Eloise. This is after Penelope has made a difficult decision to publish bitter rumors about Eloise to save her from her queen’s wrath. However, Eloise was injured and not only Penelope published those words, but also hurt their fight, which devastated their friendship and re-energized Penelope to pick up the whistledown quill again. It seems that. Their fallout may shape many seasons in the future and encourage Penelope to rethink her goals and values; it may give her her ax, but that’s what they do. I’m doing more work than I need.

If Lady Whistledown is simply a mysterious, bodyless voice (also played by the singular Julie Andrews), it not only cuts out some of these episodes, but also enhances the plot of Eloise’s entire mission. .. Eloise can sneak up on her print shop and continue to meet her fascinating apprentice, and Penelope can continue to advise her on it. Early in the show, it penalizes the delicious long cons that only multiple TV seasons can offer. But now that we know who it is, what more can we offer?

Second season of Bridgerton Available on Netflix.

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