Gus Kenworthy on Colton Underwood, Jordan C. Brown engagement

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Do a double take. Gus Kenworthy made fun of boyfriend Colton Underwoodquick engagement with the groom Jordan C. Brown.

The Olympian bonded with the Season 23 Bachelor, both 30, during Netflix Get Out ColtonKenworthy said exclusively We Weekly on Sunday, March 27, that he spoke to the reality star and Brown, 39, after announcing their relationship milestone last month.

“Yeah. Colton’s fiancé Jordan is my boyfriend’s best friend so we’ve seen a lot of that,” the freestyle skier said at the 30th edition. Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in Los Angeles.

Gus Kenworthy jokes about Colton Underwood Whirlwind engagement to Jordan C Brown 3

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Although the two couples are close, the athlete noted that they “have not been [on] a ton “of double dates. “I feel like they’ve been in their whirlwind romance,” Kenworthy said of Underwood and the political strategist, who were first linked in late 2021.” They’re, like, completely swept out to sea with each other… They’ve bought a house, they’re engaged, they’re moving at the speed of light.

The UK native revealed he “knew about the engagement” before the news hit the headlines. “I got the call that they were engaged and I was like, ‘Oh my god you just met,'” he teased. “[Like]’Oh my God, I’ve had food poisoning for longer.’

Kidding aside, Kenworthy is wholeheartedly behind the couple: “I think they’ll probably be here for the long haul,” he said. We“They are very much in love with each other, but it’s crazy. They move fast.”

the American Horror Story: 1984 alum added, “I think they both have what the other person is looking for. I think Jordan is very smart and composed and very interesting. And Colton is very sweet and handsome.”

Underwood came out publicly as gay in April 2021, nearly a year after splitting from his ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolphwhom he met during his stay on The single personFollowing their breakup, the California native, 26, filed a temporary restraining order against her ex, alleging he harassed and harassed her. The order was discontinued in November 2020.

Gus Kenworthy jokes about Colton Underwood Whirlwind's engagement to Jordan C Brown 4

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“I haven’t talked about it, so it’s really hard for me to talk about it at all, or even know what to say when bringing it up,” Randolph said of his relationship with Underwood. during an appearance on the “Off the Vine” podcast earlier this month. “I feel so pressured when people ask me about it that I wish I could be open and upfront about things, but I’m just not there yet. I’m sure I’ll want to talk someday. on that because there’s just a lot out there.”

the First time the author, for his part, confessed on the March 14 episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast that he “could have handled a lot better” after his split, noting, “My path to finding happiness was definitely quite difficult .”

After their ups and downs, Underwood can’t wait to start fresh with Brown. When it comes to wedding planning, the couple seem to be keeping things under wraps.

“I’m not going to be a groomsman, I don’t think. I don’t know anything,” Kenworthy said. We Sunday, joking that he doesn’t think the couple will elope because “Colton likes the attention.”

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