Five Things You Should Know On March 28: Ukraine, Covid, Parliamentary Riot, New York Homeless, Oscar

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1. Ukraine

Ukraine has entered into new peace talks with Russia this week, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky saying he will accept his neutral and non-nuclear position to reach an agreement. It is a vote among the Ukrainian people, and national sovereignty is not an issue. Russian missile attacks continued to hit Ukraine over the weekend. This includes the area around the city of Mariupol, which Russia wants to occupy for its strategic port. Ukraine’s military intelligence chief The attack on Russia’s capital Kiv failed, and Russian President Vladimir Putin aims to divide Ukraine into two, like North Korea and South Korea, instead of occupying the government. It states that there is a possibility. ..

2. Coronavirus

The FDA is expected to turn an additional Covid-19 booster shot into a green light for adults over the age of 50 as early as next week. When that happens, the CDC may make “acceptable recommendations.” Booster shots are already recommended for adults with a markedly weakened immune system, and some health professionals say that many others are already fourth, even though they have not been officially announced. It points out that it is taking a shot and is specified for that purpose. Meanwhile, Shanghai is trying to delay the massive outbreak of Covid-19 infection by shutting it in half for a mass inspection of the city’s 25 million inhabitants.

3. Riot of Parliament Building

The House Election Commission, investigating the January 6 riots, filed an insulting report that former Trump White House aides Dans Cavino and Peter Navarro did not comply with the subpoena. A committee that was one of the most intimate and loyal allies of former President Donald Trump and was actively involved in Trump’s social media accounts reported that the subpoena oversaw and involved online forums. I pointed out. Mr. Navarro is very public about trying to work with the Trump campaign to overturn the 2020 elections. The Commission has proceeded with three criminal referrals to the Trump allies who have evaded the subpoena. This includes Trump adviser Steve Bannon. That led to prosecution.

4. New York homeless camp

New York City has a two-week plan to wipe out the city’s homeless camps and connect non-residents to social welfare. According to city officials, this stage will focus on about 150 specific camps, and the next stage the area will be re-examined and reused. People involved in the efforts of multiple agencies visited the camp last Friday and notified people there 24 hours ago to clean up the site. Currently, there are about 650 such encounters every night. In the first week of the plan, 22 people expressed their intention to enter the shelter. Homeless proponents have blamed the plan and said it is fundamentally misunderstanding the situation facing unprotected New Yorkers. New York City Mayor Erik Adams claims that temporary housing is dangerous and shelters are much safer.

5. Oscar

Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was the first night and was a fist. “CODA” won the Best Film Award and marked an important moment as a representative of the disabled (CODA is an acronym for Children of Deaf Adults, and the film is the only family of the hearing impaired. Troikotsuru, one of the movie stars, became the first hearing-impaired person to win the Academy Award for Best Work. The success of “CODA” distributed by Apple TV + is also a breakthrough in streaming services. For years, movies delivered by streaming powerhouses like Netflix weren’t considered a worthy competitor for major studio releases. She was the first openly and strangely colored woman to win this category, but nonetheless, the most talked-about moments of the night were completely different. During the broadcast, Will Smith appeared to have gone on strike against presenter Chris Rock. Hutterlock joked about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The encounter made social media enthusiastic, and Smith apologized for the incident after a while when he won the Best Actor Award. Here’s a complete list of last night’s winners: ..

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That’s the number of murders reported in El Salvador this Saturday alone. The country has declared a state of emergency to deal with the surge in murder rates caused by gang violence.

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“Like your goodbye, I’m always grateful that you’re defending our community …” Drummers stick together! “

Metallica co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich recalls his last conversation with Taylor Hawkins. Ulrich and many other rock royalties paid tribute to the Foo Fighters drummer who died on the weekend at the age of fifty.

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