Does the academy hate movies? Our critic of the 2022 Oscar.

Our main film critics look back on Oscar’s night, which went as expected.

AO SCOTT “The best night in television history,” said Chris Rock, a few seconds after Will Smith hit him. After a while, the speech when he won the Best Actor Award — it was a boring and frustrating night on TV. There was little surprise in any category (unless “Belfast” won the original script). Sentiment to overcome crafts (unless Jane Campion wins) Academy Award for Best Actor) The feeling that the Academy doesn’t understand the movies and probably hates them.

Manora Dargis bingo! Be careful, I don’t think the Academy and its approximately 10,000 members hate movies. Like everyone else, except you and me, I think they sometimes have a really terrible taste. But as a television show, Oscar definitely has an unpleasant joke about a host who hasn’t finished “The Power of the Dog,” and despises art.

Scott Slap didn’t dispel it, but it distracted Twitter upset by the take about what it meant. American viewers weren’t actually showing up on the screen. I thought my laptop crashed when the image froze. Only when we started posting uncensored videos from Australian and Japanese broadcasts did everyone here know what happened. During Smith’s speech, the camera was cut into the Venus, Serena Williams, and Oscar logos. This was a spontaneous, complex and emotionally intense moment. The combination of “CODA”, “Belfast”, “King Richard” — and ABC couldn’t handle it.

DARGIS ABC wasn’t the only one who couldn’t deal with the featureless fairness of my favorite hatred watch. Like many, I haven’t watched as many traditional televisions as I used to. This is part of the show and ABC’s outrageous problems. The network, the Oscar producer, or both have never lost their nerves. It’s amazing considering that we had already failed because we didn’t present some of the important awards live.

Scott The way the “Under the Line” award was banished to a previous pre-broadcast ceremony and tied to the main event was pointless. Are cinematographer and costume designer acceptance speeches essentially telegenic than composer and costume designer speeches? Jenny Beavan, who happened to win the third costume, Oscar (short for “Cruella”), was gorgeous, real and interesting. Her craft and professionalism celebrations represent the best of Oscars. Held on Friday night, Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson hugged and shattered when Washington presented Jackson with a trophy. Why don’t TV viewers want to see it?

DARGIS Still, this year’s event started pretty OK, especially given the horrifying world events. Regina Hall, one of the three hosts, was a man in the room, even if the camera was in focus. Her back did a little tricky about doing a fake Covid test on some people. It was a stupid Oscar’s disgust — a surprise — and while it continued (and continued), I kept thinking about the fact that the United States alone was approaching a million pandemic deaths. I don’t know how the show was able to deal with Covid’s miserable victims, but seeking a moment of silence could have been even worse, as it was in Ukraine.

Of course, now the focus is on embarrassing and very sad slaps. Smith seems to be experiencing a great deal of complexity until he interferes with his victory. The rest of the show lacked dramatic shape. And the momentum is also because these canning awards would have added more tension and emotion to the live event. There was no accumulation, just a little … and there was a musical number of obituary. Above all, the show did not give the viewer a consistent focus, this year very uncomfortable in that chair, such as when Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep sat in front and in the center representing art and industry. Should have been booked for Denzel Washington, which looked like.

Scott The pre-Oscar endless manual work on how to strengthen the rating and make the show more relevant shows a great lack of confidence in last night’s evidence. The host was fine. The winning movie was okay.

With the exception of those ridiculous “fan” awards, they were somewhat cheerfully hijacked by Zack Snyder’s Twitter militia. The most memorable movie moment (so far, of the century, confusing) is probably the “Justice” scene. The “league” when the flash enters the speed force. And the most popular movie (in 2021) was “Army of the Dead”, which defeated other curiosities such as “Cinderella” and “Mini Mata”.

Is this the death of the movie?

DARGIS Lol (also: Did you see “Minamata”?) Oscar is a television show that reflects certain industry trends, such as the transformation of a big studio, but has little to do with movies. When independent films such as “Breaking the Waves” and “Secrets & Lies” were nominated in 1997, Oscar produced a low-rated and angry snark. Best Photo — Just rebound with “Titanic” next year.

Scott The more it changes, the more it stays the same. Even worse is the unfortunate journalistic habit of equating the state of Oscar with the state of the film. Even if the TV is great, the Emmy Awards are terrible. No one is serious about it. That bad Grammy award means the death of pop music, or the national award of a particular year reveals a lot about literary health. But movie journalism has put Oscar in a position of ridiculous importance.

DARGIS As a movie epic commercial, Oscar rarely makes a good TV. That’s a bit weird given the number of movies that look like TV. In other words, it’s time to launch the “CODA” for Apple TV +. If voters were forced to see it on the big screen, it probably was, but I believe it won the best photo. We’ve seen it repeatedly in Sundance, but it’s not like urging him to convert about it, as his colleague said, “The Wild Beast of the South.” But it’s an Oscar, right? One year, “Moonlight” wins. Two years later, the “Green Book” will win. And the boom, “Parasite” wins.

Scott “CODA” is the first Best Work Award premiered at Sundance and the first award distributed by a streaming service. He also won all three nominated categories, none of which was lead performance or technical. That victory, especially Troy Kotsur’s Best Supporting Actor Award, the wonderful Oscar Night Moment, is part of the Academy’s ongoing efforts to present a more diverse and inclusive face to the world.

And it’s worth pointing out that the 94th Academy Awards weren’t as white or male as most of their predecessors. For the second year in a row, and for the third time, the best director is a woman. The best director was supervised. By (another) woman. The best documentary work is the work of black filmmaker Amir “Questlove” Thompson. The best-supporting actress, Ariana Devose, is the first Oscar-winning openly and strangely colored woman. You and I have covered Hollywood long enough to be wary of exaggerating Hollywood’s progress and believing in promises, but the defenses and anxieties surrounding Oscar broadcasts are not a sort of backlash. I think.

DARGIS The acceptance speeches of both Kotzer and Devose were excellent, each offering a graceful moment during the three and a half hours, and often awkward and slow-paced slogans, and made a difference. -Yeah, you are right! The film industry is changing and is no longer a fortress of power for white men. At the same time, the old guards maintain a strong position, and Oscar often looks like an ambitious vision. Industry, not reality.

Scott Ambitious and, as I saw last night, it’s terribly dysfunctional. It’s entertainment!

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