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About 34 years later as the main voice of KMOX (1120 AM), the host Charlie Brennan I’m dropping the microphone on “News Voice of St. Louis”.

At the show on Monday morning, Brennan told the audience that the final shift at the station would be May 12.

Brennan said he decided to leave KMOX about two weeks ago when he decided to start a new contract negotiation with the station’s general manager. Becky Domian And programming director Steve Moore.

“It’s been 33 and a half years on KMOX, six years on Boston radio, it’s almost 40 years, and now is the time,” Brennan told the pair.

Brennan from Cleveland joined the Mighty Mox staff on September 20, 1988. His first mention in this publication was the late columnist three days later. Jerry Burger I have written:

“Charlie Brennan was called to KMOX by WNTN Radio in Boston to attend the voice of St. Louis in” At Your Service “at night without sports. “

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Brennan switched to the current shift from 8:30 am to 11:00 am in 1990.

As part of the 2017 station cost savings, Brennan’s shift has been reduced to four days a week from Monday to Thursday.

And in 2019, after pairing with Debbie Monterrey Over the years, Brennan has joined a new co-host. Amy Marx Call..

In her on-air response to Brennan’s announcement, Marx Scholes thanked Brennan for “getting St. Louis.”

“We have Cardinal baseball, a free zoo, and Charlie Brennan,” Marx Scholes admitted that he was “suffocating” about Brennan’s departure.

During his time on the radio, Brennan has led many community-based efforts:

Over $ 100,000 to promote cleanup activities in several communities, raise funds for flood victims, promote recovery of medical benefits to the Missouri State Parliament, and build a statue honoring the STL Rock’n’Roll Titan Procurement Chuck berry..

Brennan has won numerous awards for his radio and community activities, including being inducted into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame in 2009.

Brennan wrote three books about the St. Louis region while at KMOX. His latest work, “Only in St. Louis: The Most Incredibly Strange and Exciting Story,” was put on the shelves in 2020.

Thanks to the members of the KMOX staff, especially the longtime producers Chris MihilBrennan took the time to tip the cap to the listener. The listener said, “I’ve always been very supportive, far beyond my expectations. Thank you.”

Despite leaving KMOX, Brennan said he plans to continue his role as a moderator for “Donnie Brook” at KETC (Channel 9), his first show in 1992.

Without the opposition of the legendary KMOX chief, the debate-style show would have been longer. Robert Highland Junior..

“Bob Highland didn’t want me to join it, so Mr. Highland died in March 1992 and I first appeared in April 1992.”

Brennan was a regular member of the “Donnybrook” panel until 2009, when he was promoted to moderator after the original Wrangler. Martin Dagan Retired.

Brennan continues to host the show and talks about his upcoming efforts, including “traveling, participating in the community, and monetizing some of the rain checks we’ve collected in the past.”


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