Bridgerton Season 2 is suitable for everyone except book fans

Bridgerton We are back with the glitz and glare of the quadrilles of Willisi’s Armac. However, while the show’s Regency Romance pedigree is still fully exhibited, as it was throughout the controversial first season, the tone of the season is much more subdued. A fierce, over-libido turmoil that almost overwhelmed the show’s Debutante season.

Instead, Bridgerton Season 2 is heading in the opposite direction. The result is a season that is likely to please repeaters and new Bridgerton viewers, but can also disappoint fans of source material.

Season 2 departs from the ferocious passion detailed in the original Bridgerton A romance series by author Julia Quinn, she puts herself into the arms of a slowly burning, UST-filled, well-trodden Jane Austen cinematic environment. In the first half of the eight episodes of the season, which will be released on Netflix on March 25, this chaste change-up mainly means good: richer and more interesting character development, more with Ensemble Bridgerton. Time, and our main couple — eldest son Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his fiery enemy Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) —to indulge in all the smoldering longing that romance fans might want. To.

As gorgeous and beautiful as the previous one, there is so much fun in this season. Our protagonist exchanges a lot of sultry touches. The characters you have loved since the first season will be more adorable. The Bridgerton family can spend more time together as a family. This is always the best show. Eloise discovers proto-feminism! Pen dresses are slightly less citrus colored! Mrs. Dunbury gets some good things Cane Tap! A lot of good things are happening in Season 2. Thankfully, this plot causes much less controversy than last season.

But in the end, despite the best efforts of a powerful ensemble cast, the season, like the first season, is significantly delayed in both pace and ingenuity as its plot becomes more bizarre and awkward. start. A concept, a huge budget (Season 1 is reported to be recorded at $ 7 million per episode), and a very talented ensemble for adventure, Season 2 is a wheel in the last few episodes. Will turn.

Point Bridgerton Starting to wobble is also a point that dramatically deviates from the novel on which it is based.The delegation infuriated enthusiastic fans Bridgerton Novel — For many fans, they are not just a couple of Bridgerton families, Kate and Anthony. the Bridgerton couple. Their book, Viscount who loved meIs generally considered to be the best and most beloved book in Quinn’s series, dedicating one book to all eight Bridgerton children. Had It happened that the implementation of Season 2 drastically divided the “Kathony” shippers into results.

It doesn’t ruin the plot too much, but if you want to know what works and what doesn’t in Season 2, collect petticoats and polish the Hesse. Bridgerton Season 2 has a more twist than BeauBrummell’s cravat.

The biggest change to the second Bridgerton Introducing characters of multiple colors as well as novels. This includes exchanging Kate’s origin stories. Previously she was Shire’s standard Caucasian girl, but now she is with her half-sister Edwina (Charithra Chandran) and her stepmother Mary. (Shelley Conn), she is from India. BridgertonThe lace blind-like casting approach Get criticized Due to the lack of depth and historical accuracy, as in Season 1, Kate’s Indian culture barely invaded the story, except to feed its position as an unconventional heroine ™. It was. (She rides a horse When Hunt for something in India. )

When Kate arrives in London in search of her sister’s qualified suitor, she doesn’t have to wait long. Anthony of the capital “R” Rake, who takes his duties as the eldest son Bridgerton very seriously, decided that it was time. As Edwina wins the favor of her queen, he turns her eyes to Edwina. Problem: He has already met and has begun to fall to Kate. Kate hears discussing her plans to marry for convenience, not her love, and immediately decides on her. I hate him — if hate means fighting a flirt and dazzling at every opportunity.

But unlike Season 1, where there was a lot of steam on the screen, Season 2 spends most of its time limiting lovers from doing more than private and hungry. Second round; it is dangerously close to suggesting that premarital sex is a death sentence.It may sound like a general descriptor for calling this season, for all pure manual work Bridgerton It’s Tinian, but it’s actually pretty specific. From one point in time, from the moment of Darcy’s infamous wet shirt to the other Darcy’s infamous handflexes to the muddy head and impulsive maiden, the show is romantic, directly from Austin’s film adaptations. I owe a lot of beats. Adventure in their petticoats and rain and encounter miserable misfortunes.

Over eight Netflix episodes, all of this Austin riffs Bridgerton The writer’s room. These are very worn-out regency metaphors, and there is room for imaginative use in this era and these juicy characters. For example, you might steal plot ideas directly from Georgette Heyer.

You will find that the writer is not merely proposing to faithfully adapt Quinn’s book. Viscount who loves me It’s easy for romance readers to accept, but it contains wrinkles that completely confuse Netflix viewers: its main plot is basically the same as that of the first book. As you remember, in the first season, Anthony catches his sister Daphne and her sneaky Duke Simon, who are in love but never want to have a child as a father. After the wedding, they caused a big conflict and the series is trying to unravel the second half of Season 1.

of Viscount who loves me, Exactly the same What happens to Anthony and Kate: He and Kate get caught up in a rather unusual compromise, including a bee sting, before Anthony’s attempt to persuade indifferent Edwina goes far (it’s actually very angry). But it’s ridiculous). , Then use the rest of the book to eliminate their deeper conflicts, misunderstandings and anxieties.

Romance readers are accustomed to seeing this “compromise-obsessed” metaphor repeated many times in the novel, but in Season 2, it repeats as a thrown side plot. Exactly the same as Season 1, except for the characters. Therefore, after an important “bee sting” scene, Bridgerton Anthony advances his courtship and final engagement to Edwina while trying to resist the charm of Kate. The bet for Edwina to achieve her wonderful marriage is much higher in this adaptation, so in theory it would put more pressure on Kate to resist her own charm to Anthony. should do it Everything will be a fun candy of sexual tension.

But after this plot difference, BridgertonThe second season of is plagued by the strange double problem of compression and emptiness.Around the main plot line, the season works with many plot points taken later Bridgerton Integrating the eight novels in the novel series into a more condensed timeline is an obvious attempt. Given that the Bridgerton family is always more interesting as a unit than being divided into individuals, this approach seems preferable.

Still, this compression means more distractions from the main plot. So Kate and Anthony should be more enthusiastic whenever they’re on the screen together. But that’s not the case. Despite the best efforts of Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey (and they are both great!), Their intimate moments are physical every time the writer gets tired of trying to develop their relationship. I feel obligatory rather than impulsive, as I threw with touch. There are quite a few.

The considerable age difference between Edwina and Anthony (he’s about 13 or 14 years old) doesn’t raise any obvious concerns, but Edwina gradually begins to take care of Anthony and remains unaware of her sister’s feelings. In the meantime, everyone in life urges Kate and Anthony to act on their own feelings and get married already, and this “follow your heart!” Monologues move from character to character until they become monotonous. Marriage, giving Sharma a more interesting cross-cultural background, When It gives Kate an interesting conflict over her dual role as a surrogate parent and stepdaughter — the Kate / Anthony / Edwina storyline ultimately feels more like a filler than a competing side storyline. .. Season production has also been suspended twice due to Covid. The delay is only eight episodes and can’t fully explain why this season feels unnecessarily long.

Thankfully, there are many other compelling reasons. The main ones are Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie), a search for the mysterious scandal sheet writer Lady Whistledown, and her best friend Penelope “’Pen’“ pen name ”Featherington (Nikola Coughlan). Eloise and Penn, one tired of society and the other truly eager to join society, are the most intriguing conflicts of the show and the most subtextually suggestive. Bridgerton The book contains heterosexual romance such as Eloise, Penn, the artistic Bridgerton brothers, and Benedict. The arcs of these characters are especially useful for strange readings. Of course, plans to direct these characters to heterosexual romance do not preclude their reading. As bisexual or pansexual; however, the text seems to be actively resisting such interpretations, at least not yet, in fact, none of them.

Then again, it excites me in the third season of the show, and the many awakenings of Eloise, the growing self-confidence of Penn, and the potential further development of Benedict’s fledgling creative life. Bridgerton It’s full of liveliness and fun, and a broader story about family, friendship, and self-discovery.that is Bridgerton It really happened in Season 2, and in the end it’s a version of Bridgerton A version that most viewers can enjoy. It may not be the version that fans wanted, but it’s the version closest to the center of the show and makes Bridgerton feel fresh.

And who knows if you can learn to treat romance with as much care and affection as friendship? Bridgerton It may still crystallize to become the first water diamond.

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