Bold & Beautiful: Stefy asks Sheila to explain her connection to Thomas

At the cliff house, Stephi woke up after a night of passion with Finn and found her children down and sleeping. He wants to spend the rest of her morning alone with her, but asks if she checks her brother. First, Stephi can’t understand him creeping up with Sheila in the alley. Finn suggests she ask him after her … much later. They kiss, but Stefy is too worried about Thomas staying there. They are dressed and have a wonderful life together. She is the perfect woman for him. They flash to Finn’s proposal. He tells his wife that he is happier today and that he is fortunate to be with a woman like her. They get a little more crazy and Stefy tells her husband that she feels her lucky. They flash on the day Haze was born. Finn reminds Stefy how valuable their family is to him. The story goes back to Thomas. She explains to him: There is no reason not to tell her her truth about Sheila.

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas is frustrated by receiving another call from Sheila and is asking her to dismiss her. They find out why Brooke got drunk that night, her girlfriend. Sheila reminds him that her truth sends Ridge back to her, and they both know he doesn’t want it. Ridge and Carter enter, and Thomas snaps “I can’t handle this right now” before disconnecting. The father asks if everything is okay. Carter wonders, “What’s happening?” Sometimes my son needs to talk. Thomas recalls Sheila warning Ridge not to tell. He talks about trying to make decisions about the best and long-term implications. Ridge praises him for assessing risk.

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At home, Brooke looks back on her beautiful dream and hopes it is true. Eric comes to discuss her situation. Brooke admits she has let go of Ridge. I don’t know why she did it. She doesn’t want it. I don’t know what I’m doing. I can’t lose him. I can’t. While drinking tea, Brooke reminds Eric why Stephanie worked so hard to keep her away from Ridge. Stop — she’s making things worse with this guilt. He knows that Ridge is as confused as she is. “He still loves you, Brooke.” She knows it, but he’s not there.

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Eric thinks they are being tested now, but their bond never breaks. Brooke wonders why she drank that night — she hasn’t had an urge since then. I had that strong urge to drink … and why? Brooke takes full responsibility, but she thinks Ridge doesn’t want to hear it anymore. Eric claims that the connection is still there and encourages her to be positive about her. Taylor has a lot to do with him, but Brooke is his soulmate. “He’s coming back.” Brooke isn’t sure, but Eric is sure they’ll be back together again. Brooke said, “He is the love of my life.”
Brooke, Eric Talk Living Room B & B

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge checks in to Thomas again. He and Taylor seem worried because he wants to be happy. Thomas looks back on how his family helped him during difficult times. Similarly, “I want to make sure you’re happy.” Ridge wonders what that means. Thomas only informs his father that he can count on him.
Ridge and Thomas look at the B & B and ask questions

Sheila smiles at the picture of Haze on the phone when a knock comes to the door of the hotel room. It’s Stephy. Sheila says, “Oh, Stephy! What a pleasant surprise!” Sheila asks how she found her. Does Stephy sniff that it’s not fun for someone to show up without being invited to your door? She thinks Sheila has been fishing in her house for a longer time. She loves Finn and Hayes, and she believes Stefy’s parents should come back together. “I’m not an enemy here, Stephy. You don’t know what I’ll do to bring your family together.” She already feels like part of it.
Steffy, Sheila Hotel Room B & B

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Stephi screams that Sheila isn’t part of the family and will never happen. She cannot give her opinion about her parents. Stephi informs Sheila that she needs to leave everything alone. Stephi crossing her face in her Sheila tells her she saw them together in the alley and she asks her to know what she was doing with her brother!

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