Alor Setar Stephen Amell shares fascinating photos from the invasion crossover

Stephen Amell has posted a photo of himself and several other Arrowverse stars taking a break from shooting at the third crossover event, Invasion.

Arrow Star Stephen Amell shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the Arrowverse cast rewinding at the franchise’s third crossover event, Invasion!

Amel who played Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in all eight seasons Arrow, Tweeted a photo of himself and some of his co-stars eating and sharing laughter between takes. A candid snap shows Amel sitting on the couch with Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Grant Gustin (Flash), and Caity Lotz (White Canary) Brandon Routh (Atom) also standing nearby. The crew is participating in the conversation while adjusting one of the gauntlets.

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Inspired by the 1989 comic miniseries “Invasion!” Of the same name, which first aired in November 2016. Arrow, flash, Supergirl When Legend of TomorrowTogether with their respective allies, they will work together to repel the dominators, a race of malicious aliens. This is a follow-up to the previous two crossovers, “Flash vs. Arrow” and “Heroes Joe Inth”, and due to its strong reputation, CW has turned the fourth crossover event into a green light. , 2017 “Crisison Earth-X!”.

Following these popular TV events Elseworlds When Infinite Earth CrisisThe latter set the series finale of Arrow, “Fade Out” marked the final appearance of Amel as Oliver Queen.Despite the departure of one of the biggest stars and the end of the flagship sub-franchise, Arrowverse itself flash, Legend of Tomorrow, Batwoman When Superman & Royce..

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Arrow This is not the only CW show to end. Supergirl When Black Lightning Both were put together in 2021 and rumors continue that Gustin is about to end. flash After the show’s next ninth season, the actor reportedly signed a one-year contract, even though he was offered a multi-year contract. Some fans have shown that they are ready to hang Barry Allen’s scarlet spandex forever. Neither CW nor Gustin himself has issued a formal statement about his future in that role.

Outlook Legend of Tomorrow When Batwoman Viewers are still waiting to officially confirm that CW is in favor of the additional seasons on either show. Further fueling fan anxiety is the network’s focus on new standalone DC programming. Naomi When Gotham KnightsAbout the project set in Arrowverse. Superman & Royce Recently renewed in the third season. This suggests that there is still life left in the Arrowverse.

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