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The 94th Academy Awards television broadcast wasn’t already on track before the only thing everyone was talking about, the only thing everyone was likely to remember.

After a fairly promising first hour, the show began to flag in essentially the same way that Oscar’s television broadcasts always flag, and producer Will Packer tried to fix the event mostly in Band-Aid. Definitely proved that it wasn’t.

Oscar continued for a long time after months of big promises to end television broadcasts by 11 pm (Eastern Time).

Let’s take a look at some of those changes.

Hosts Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes spent a moment. The confession of the three was unpleasant and did not show a true relationship within the trio. Go ahead with some sneaky comments and things. But it wasn’t terrible.

After that first confession (I think it’s a triologue), Schumer came out and actually did a second series of bits that were much sharper and more interesting than the previous ones. Don’t look up When Beloved couple’s wife — “It’s like writing a biography about Michael Jordan and showing a bus trip between games.” — And generally as she’s left to handle the “roasted” part of Ricky Gervais at night. felt.

But from there, host use has become more and more sparse, as literally happens at all award shows. That’s exactly right. You start running out of time and the “bunter” is cut. The whole “Regina” hall is horny. “Things are eerie, with a very lively personality and performers. Supporting girls When Black monday The star is. The bit after Schumer hung from a wire dressed as Spider-Man was dull.

The well-discussed choice of moving eight categories from the main television broadcast, presenting them before the show, and then broadcasting the trimmed version wasn’t a disaster in itself. Most viewers were probably unaware of the lack of walks. Over time, cuts in speeches, highly selective reaction shots from the crowd, but that was exactly one move made to serve one purpose: making television broadcasts a reasonable three hours. It didn’t work. The show was going to run for a long time — and if the show lasts for a long time, the show dedicated to honoring the industry shouldn’t get in the way to insult the craftsmen in the industry. This is definitely one of them. I won and lost. ” There is no compromise.

The Twitter award, which tried to bring populist interest to the show, was the winner of the meaningless “most cheerful moment” vote.Zack Snyder’s Justice League) Was a victory for Zack Snyder’s avid social media fandom, but whether even those enthusiasts believe that “flash enters the speed force” is the “most supportive” moment in movie history. I do not know. .. And Snyder’s followers also won with “fan favorites”. Army deathDefeated the blockbuster Spiderman Sequel And, of course, Minamata For honor. It was a five-minute clip during the show, which was a good feed for snark for the weeks leading up to the event, but nothing was added to the television broadcast. I liked the craftsman’s walk for 5 minutes. To the stage.

The time saved in the truncated technical category was supposed to go to performance and they were mixed. Beyonce King Richard Sebastian Yatra’s “Dos Oruguitas”, “Somehow You Do” Reba McEntire, and “No Time to Die” Billie Eilish and Finias are all right if they’re general and tied to the stage. was. Is it advisable to save “Don’t talk about Bruno” until nearly two hours of the show after your target audience is asleep or tired of tears?

Teaser leading up to the show enthusiastically promised a tribute to James Bond’s 50th anniversary. GodfatherThe former are three extreme sports superstars introducing the clip package, appearing for applause and true compliments, as if three live James Bonds and countless recognizable stars from the franchise were standing. It was as if there was no possibility. The latter was Francis Ford Coppola. , Al Pacino and Robert De Niro introduce a simple clip package. Two strange things: Pacino and De Niro don’t say a word, De Niro deserves a second winner Godfather The movie wasn’t in the movie they respected. strange.


It would probably nevertheless be a show from another mediocre to the bad, but then it became terrible.

In the first place, Chris Rock came out and his material was horrifying. Did Denzel crack, “King Lear has nothing to me!”? And Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith and it looked like she was doing a sequel. GI Jane..

Exclude all contexts: It wasn’t fun.

Context: Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia. Also, the last time Rock hosted the show, he was unforgiving about Boycott’s Pinkett Smith’s decision that led to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. In addition, it was Will and Jada, and the second joke of the show directed to Will. He didn’t want to play with Hall’s fake affair before.

So it all went wrong and didn’t work before Smith charged the stage and slapped the cartoon, and shouted twice, “Keep my wife’s name away from your fucking mouth!” I managed to regain my composure and present the documentary Oscar to Questlove.

The show was over, followed by an hour of total discomfort. On another Oscar night, I may have expressed frustration by turning the Necrologie segment into songs and dances and making no effort to actually respect the legend. The director was primarily focused on performers, so he didn’t have the opportunity to play the annual “Who was left behind” and “Why didn’t they silence their applause?” Games. .. These “In Memoriam” segments are often messed up, and this was just another version of how to stage a gloomy moment. As the tactless juxtaposition progressed, we introduced Disney movie commercials that weren’t as bad as going from Troy Kotsur’s beautiful acceptance speech to Chris Evans.

But then I had to wait for Will Smith to actually win the Oscar. One of the industry’s most beloved actors, Smith, who blends lucrative smash hits with solid and dramatic work, will be coronating. His solid victory became intolerable when he cried and talked about how he was echoing Richard Williams to protect his family.

He apologized to the Academy and his fellow candidates, but I don’t know how to put this elsewhere: for comedians-great like rock at his peak, like rock Hacky people before Sunday night GI Jane Joke — Make fun of you, you yell at them. You ask Chris Rock when was the last time it was interesting. You make fun of the size of his genitals. Maybe you swear to him because you are angry and guarding his wife. Don’t stand up and beat you on national television. If you do the same thing and it takes less than 15 minutes to win an Oscar, you’ll want to wonder who and what happened. Swing at Chris Rock would have been arrested for no reason. I don’t know what would happen if Javier Bardem, who had never won on Sunday night, came and slugged rock, but I think he was escorted. At least the building.

Instead, Will Smith not only stayed at the venue, but went on stage and said what he liked. In such a situation, he was never played by the band. Smith tied the case to his character in the movie and joked about whether he was him. You will be invited. I’m sure he will. I don’t think he has any bad publicity.

sorry, Coder team. It is unlikely that everyone will remember your sincere Best Work Award. I’m sorry, Jessica Chastain. This was a powerful end to your speech, but that’s not what we’re talking about. I’m sorry, but Kenneth Branagh, who used to really think he won the Oscar, is definitely winning now. I’m sorry. DunesBut congratulations on all of these technical victories. I’m sorry but, Encanto I wish I were talking about Bruno.

It might have been nice to review the show focusing on failed innovation attempts. Instead, the 94th Academy Awards should have provided a pleasing distraction from the world that began to emerge from the pandemic, or a related advocacy opportunity. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the passage of discriminatory laws across the country will be remembered as a moment of toxic horror and subsequent infection. Sometimes “unpredictable” is good. This is not the case.

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