94th Academy Awards and Will Smith Slap Review-Deadline

Two years after the pandemic, the 2022 Oscars initially seemed to be intended to win the Grammy Awards tonight.

Kick off with an introduction by legendary Venus and Serena Williams and immediately dive into the soaked performance of the nominated Oscar’s Lime. King Richard ABC’s 94th Academy Awards, a theme song by Beyonce on Compton’s tennis court, looked like a ceremony for identity.

Of course, among all the winners and performers, there is one shocking moment that defines a show of more than three and a half hours this year and permanently taints the already struggling Academy Awards. The moment was very unscripted and very realistic. The moment of live television broadcast when Will Smith ridiculed Jada Pinkett Smith as he went on stage and Chris Rock was preparing to award the Best Documentary Award.

For a long time in the history of the Academy Awards, when the Internet exploded with lip reading, “Did Smith just beat me s ** t?” Exclaimed a shocked past Oscar host. .. Censored Smith declared when he returned to the front row seats. No one tried to take Smith out of the Dolby Theater because it was clearly an attack, regardless of the reason behind it.

He was interrupted by a strange cut into Oscar’s slate and a shot of Williams’ sisters in the crowd, but within 30 minutes of winning the Best Actor Award, Smith’s tears rolling on Smith’s face are his deepest. The front line of the whole world who was a naked man with emotions. “Art imitates life. As I said about Williams, I look like a crazy father,” said the actor who played Venus and Serena’s father. King Richard. “Love makes you crazy,” Smith added in a speech. No one has ever thought about playing lead-off music. The actor apologized to the academy and many others for his role in the fight, but he locks publicly.

If producers Will Packer and Sheila Cowan wanted to make an Oscar for many years, this wasn’t what they intended.

From co-hosts Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, Regina Hall’s nasty and seemingly unrehearsed opening, and kitsch DJ Khaled’s run-on as this “night for lovers” Train accident Stars jokingly rarely revive the troubled Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences event almost 100 years ago. Producers Packer and Cowan may have promised a more sophisticated and modern show, but ultimately it was a scratch mixtape for the 1990s MTV movie. Awards, Grammy Awards, and the currently delocked Golden Globe Awards shouted for Rob Lowe and Snow White’s cameo.

Aside from the quarrel between Smith and rock, tonight’s dazzling Oscar had lots of stars, little music, and little substance. The results are simply not very satisfying.

Taking the lead in the first hour, Schumer maximized Ricky Gervais’s spoofing, followed shortly after by Tyler Perry Bradley Cooper, shirtless Timothy Sharamet, and Simu Liu’s dressed Chippendale stage lineup for the boy. Now a fusion of Tyler and Cooper’s protocol requirements. This now only triggers more clinge when Hall beeps on Josh Brolin. Judah and Black Messiah Alum and 2021 Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya and she went out to award the Best Supporting Actress Award.

Everyone agrees that there have been too many doctrine political speeches at the award show over the last two decades, but so far we have gone extremely far with the feelings from Abbey Hoffmanesek’s open mic night statement and show. In essence expulsion whitens part of the Hollywood community Vladimir Putin in 2022 Oscar in a series of cable access quality slate, blowing off the opportunity for Ukrainian President Vladimir Putinski to address audiences around the world It took more than an hour and a half to spotlight Putin’s invasion of Eastern European countries. Advocate for relief and refugee donations.

Ariana Devose’s Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Steven Spielberg’s role as Anita does not lose its history. West side story When Coder’s Troy Kotsur won the Best Supporting Actor Award. After Rita Moreno’s victory in 1962, the actress brought Oscar home to play the Broadway character is also the victory of Devose, the first strange-colored woman to win her acting Oscar. .. The first male actor to win a performance at the American Sign Language.

Besides Will Smith, another big win at tonight’s three-hour show went to Amhill’s “Questlove” Thompson director’s documentary. Summer of Soul, Jessica Chastain is the Best Actress, Best Director is the Jane Campion, and Coder Winning Best Film Award: Sian Heder’s film victory made history on Apple TV + and became the first streamer to win the Best Film Award.

Of course, it’s essentially a Disney-owned ABC ship right now, and the Academy actually hosted a show for nearly five hours. The time hosted by Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin for the first time wasn’t controversial live, for fear of viewers watching again. At ABC, eight categories below the so-called line were distributed. These awards rarely honored the winners, but they did show the editor’s importance in the shortcut and fast-cut segments, which were later revealed throughout the live television broadcast.

In 2022, the Oscars curtailed production design, editing, etc. to reduce roars at ceremonies and enhance their appeal, filling their new time with a favorite segment of blockbuster blockbusters.

The fact that Zack Snyder’s Netflix zombies were shot dead in a fierce campaign last month Army of the dead Live-action breaks through the favorite movies of the first top 5 fans in 2021 Cinderella Johnny Depp’s stirrer was upset and rarely released Minamata It also showed the power of a hardcore fan base during the run, but nothing more.

Ironic like Snyder Justice League, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Avengers: Endgame And 1999s matrix For the past decade, when a big unanimated event wasn’t visible in Oscar, it was named one of the Top Five Most Supporting Movie Moments Online.

The situation sank deeper and pandas harder as Wanda Sykes took viewers to a pre-recorded tour of the now-opened, long-postponed $ 482 million Academy Film Museum. Grace & Frankie Start Tim Bagley.

The reality is AMPAS, and ABC has seen it written on the Berlin Wall.

They know that Oscar is a rapidly collapsing brand, achieving record low ratings and ratings last year.

In fact, the three-hour Oscar has always been fine for network overlords, as it provides enough inventory to sell. The tragic scar of Hollywood’s biggest nightmare is that viewers are getting smaller and smaller over the past almost consecutive years. A situation where all these cars and other expensive spots are aggressively crushing ABC’s revenue as they remain donuts to a small number of potential consumers.

Still, even with the skills of packers and peers Girls trip Producer Cowan, Mystery, seems to be unable to pull off 180 minutes of fascinating entertainment with some of the world’s most talented and skillful storytellers, some of the most famous people on the planet in the room. It remains the way.Lack of blockbusters like The Godfather, Titanic, Forrest Gump When Avatar Among recent candidates

But what if that promise is wrong?

What if Oscar’s fame and viewership declines aren’t even in nominated shows and movies? Stars and the world they believe to hinder?

In addition to that, in the influence of TikTok, a derivative of TED Talk, in the world of Jake Paul, you need to ask if that really is the case. All apologies to the movie star Norma Desmond, who shrank in the constellation of fame? Why is it really so long? You can get a glimpse of such a star on the night of Oscar. Can you take a look at their training routines on Instagram and get the best bits on Twitter and YouTube with almost real lime?

This all makes sense until Will Smith hits Chris Rock and everything planned to stop because everyone held their breath in a blink of an eye. The moment a man defended his family and honor, as Smith strongly suggested in his acceptance speech.

It wasn’t a show.

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