5 Things You Should Know About Coronavirus Vaccines for Toddlers

Parents of children under the age of five face the challenge of waiting for the coronavirus vaccine for months, sometimes depriving them of the moment of hope.

However, there are some signs of progress in the COVID-19 vaccine for the youngest children, the only age group in which the vaccine is currently unavailable.

Here are five things you need to know:

Pfizer expects results in April

Pfizer vaccines for children under the age of 5 were used on roller coasters. An advisory board for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is scheduled for February, and it seems that the vaccine may move towards approval. The company said it would wait for data on a third dose, which is expected to be more effective.

These third dose data may be provided shortly to help clarify the likelihood of approval. Pfizer previously stated that the data will be provided “early April”.

CEO Albert Bourla seems to have reviewed the timeline this month when he elaborated on the company’s decision to wait for data from the third dose.

“We decided to wait for the third dose to get a very clear image after going back and forth many times. This is because the data is reliable to the general public. It’s just as important to check, “he said. At CNBC. “So we waited for what the big picture conveys and sees them. [data] It’s coming, it’s a few weeks away. ”

Moderna is also hunting

Previously, Pfizer received a lot of attention, but Moderna announced this week that it will apply for approval of a two-dose vaccine for children under the age of six “in the coming weeks.”

As a positive sign, the company reported that the vaccine was able to produce an immune response similar to that found in adults.

However, the effectiveness of the vaccine in infection prevention was fairly low, about 44% in children aged 6 months to 2 years and 37% in children aged 2 to 5 years.

Still, experts and companies defend the results, and these numbers are only to prevent all infections, including mild illnesses, and are the most important goal to prevent severe illnesses. The numbers are likely to be much better. The adult vaccine Omicron has been shown to be far more effective in preventing severe illness than completely preventing infection.

“Efficacy against infection was 44%” Anthony FauciAnthony Fauci5 What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Vaccines for Toddlers The White House Announces Second COVID-19 Booster for Older Americans: Report WHO: Details of Omicron BA.2 Subvariants Now Widespread WorldwideThe White House Chief Medical Advisor commented on the results of this week’s Children’s Moderna: I’m looking at other vaccines now. ”

Both companies have different strategies

When Pfizer data is released in April, the FDA will be able to compare double-dose Moderna vaccines with triple-dose Pfizer vaccines.

However, each dose of Moderna is higher and may increase the effectiveness of the two doses. The Moderna vaccine for children weighs 25 micrograms, which is one-fourth the size of an adult dose, while the Pfizer vaccine for children weighs 3 micrograms, and there is only one. One tenth dose for adults.

William Moss, a vaccine expert at Johns Hopkins University, said the company is trying to strike the right balance for dose size.

“They are trying to find this balance between enough vaccine doses to protect their children and weigh these transient side effects such as fever and pain,” Moss said. Said.

“The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine may have been given a little too low, so we’ll give it three times to improve the effectiveness of the vaccine,” he added.

Vaccines show good results in terms of safety

There were no warning signs regarding the safety of vaccines in children.

Moderna reported this week that the study showed a “favorable safety profile” similar to that of adult vaccines.

Very few reported fever after vaccination, and only 0.2% reported fever above 104 degrees.

There were no deaths or cases of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart.

“The safety profile was very good, much like what we see naturally in many other vaccinations,” Fauci said of this week’s Moderna results.

There is plenty of supply, but there is also hesitation

In the congressional funding battle, there are concerns that the government may not have enough money to buy a fourth dose for all American adults as needed. ..

“That’s good news because we reserve that supply for children under the age of six,” said Whitehouse COVID-19 Response Coordinator. Jeff JientsJeff Jienz 5 What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Vaccines for Toddlers Obama, Clinton, and Pusaki cases show a protracted threat to COVID-19 Said this week.

“And we will make those vaccinations available in tens of thousands of places across the country that parents know and trust,” he said.

Vaccination rates are delayed among groups of children for whom vaccines are already available, but only about a quarter of 5-11 children are fully vaccinated.

As a result, some parents are worried about vaccines for young children and others are not in a hurry.

“It’s our least vaccinated age group. I expect coverage to be even lower among children under the age of five when vaccines are available.”


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