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Lifting Covid Restrictions for LA Indoor Concerts and Sporting Events – Deadline

Los Angeles County is working with the state to lift the requirement for participants in indoor mega-events such as sporting events and concerts to show evidence or negative tests for Covid vaccination, Los Angeles County health officials said today.

According to the County Public Health Service, this requirement will be lifted on April 1 in collaboration with the state, and the state will also abolish its obligations.

This move follows the removal of other Covid restrictions in the county (such as indoor mask wearing requirements) in response to lower infections and hospitalizations. However, the approximately 3 million counties living in the city of Los Angeles are not so lucky.

According to a public health order signed by Mayor Eric Garsetti on March 4, this year, “The target area must provide proof of vaccination when each patron enters the indoor part of the target area. Is the first meeting between a patron and a staff member. A eligible location is required to match the vaccination certificate for each patron who appears to be 18 years of age or older with a photo ID. Subject to the following exemptions: , Patronage is not allowed. Enter the indoor part of the covered area without proof of vaccination. “

City-defined locations include gyms and fitness centers, businesses that offer personal care services, and businesses that offer drinks and food.

Movie theaters, music and concert venues, live performance venues, adult entertainment venues, commercial events and party venues, sports arenas, convention centers, exhibition halls, museums, malls, shopping centers, performing arts theaters, bowling venues, arcades, card rooms, Family entertainment center, play area, pool and billiard hall, other recreational arcades …

Even if they lift the restrictions today, county health officials continue to encourage precautions against the spread of the virus, and the BA.2 subvariant of COVID-19 is slowly and locally beginning to spread, making it more powerful within the county. He points out that there is a high possibility of building a good foothold. Patterns found overseas and in some East Coast cities.

During the week ending February 26, 6.4% of all Covid specimens analyzed for the subspecies were a more infectious sect of the Omicron subspecies that fueled the recent surge in infections in the winter BA. It turned out to be the result of .2. This is an increase from 4.5% last week.

Health officials said the rate was still low, but after hovering around 1% for several weeks, it finally began to rise significantly, with BA.2 now accounting for 23% of cases sequenced nationwide and infectious diseases. It is estimated to account for 39% of the total. In some parts of the northeast, the proportion of new Omicron cases is much higher abroad, and this subspecies now accounts for 75% of all new cases in the world.

“The increasing presence of highly infectious BA.2 subvariants in many parts of the country requires us to remain vigilant and be prepared for the possibility of more cases in the near future. It reminds me, “Public Health Director Barbara Feller said in a statement. “And discouraging you from facing
The best way to slow this possibility, another surge in cases due to increased hospitalization and mortality, is to increase the coverage of vaccination and booster vaccination. Given the compelling evidence that the vaccine continues to protect from all variants and its wide availability, residents and workers will use the next few weeks to get the latest information on the vaccine. please.

“It’s not optimal to wait until we see an increase in cases, because the more people who test positive, the more infections we have in the community,” she said.

Health officials continued to urge people to take precautions, including masks, in crowded situations, even if they are no longer required.

The county on Monday reported 935 new Covid infections in the last two days, increasing the cumulative number from the entire pandemic to 2,825,423.

An additional 29 deaths were confirmed by the county, increasing the total death toll to 31,491.

According to state statistics, as of Monday, there were 404 Covid-positive patients in the county hospital, down from 422 on Sunday. Sixty-five of these patients received intensive care, down from 71 the day before.

Overall hospitalization totals have not been so low since July 2021.

According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Service, the moving average daily rate for people tested positive for the virus was 0.6% as of Monday and has remained unchanged at 0.7% over the past week.

According to the county, as of last Thursday, 75% of the county’s inhabitants over the age of 5 were fully vaccinated, while only 30% of children aged 5 to 11 years were fully vaccinated. It is the lowest percentage of any age group.

CityNewsService contributed to this report.

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