Wisconsin gas stations are suing competitors for cheap petrol prices

NEXSTAR, Wisconsin — Two gas stations in Wisconsin are suing the grocery chain for making pumps too cheap.

according to WISN, The company that operates nearby Shell and BP stations in Walkisha is suing local grocery chain Woodmans for $ 80,000 in damages each. They say it is based on the number of days Woodmans have been illegally surpassing them.

The proceedings were filed last year, claiming that Woodmans did not comply with Wisconsin’s unfair sales law for at least 40 days from September 27, 2020 to March 2021. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Report.. Unfair sales laws prohibit companies from selling goods that are below cost.

Woodmans were able to keep prices low, but litigation companies said they were forced to keep their prices high.

According to local reports, Woodmans said in response to the proceedings that it was an exception to the unfair sales law, which could lower the price of gas to match the price of its competitors, as long as it notified the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. Trade and consumer protection.

That competitor?Mainly nearby Costco, Woodman explained in Newly submitted documents..

Journal Sentinel reports that Woodmans sought to dismiss the proceedings. The Woodmans legal team told WISN that the chain was fully compliant with state law, but the other two lawyers did not respond to requests for comment.

according to Gas buddyAs of Sunday, Woodmans had the second lowest price of a gallon of gas in the Warkisha region at $ 3.59. The local Costco location sells gas for $ 3.49 a gallon. The prices of shell stations and BP stations included in the proceedings are set as follows. $ 3.86 and $ 3.90, respectively, Google show..

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