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Warning: This story contains spoilers for “The best hasn’t come yet” Victory time: The rise of the Lakers dynasty.. ]

Victory time: The rise of the Lakers dynasty Co-creator Jim Hect is confident that at the end of the latest episode, many viewers jumped on Google to see if the wild event really happened.

And Hecht was honest when he admitted that he was shocked to hear the news during the development of the HBO limited series.

Victor Weiss met with Jerry Buss to sign a deal with his friend and client, Jerry Tarkanian, who would have taken a basketball coach at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979. He was killed violently in the year. strike. Victory time It means that the hit was done to keep the Turcanian at UNLV.

Hollywood Reporter Some important moments in this chapter, directed by Damian Marcano and written by Max Borenstein, Rodney Burns and Hecto, including their brutal conclusions, are “Best Is It To Come”. I was caught by Hecto before the premiere.

Why did you want to get a part of Episode 3 on the writing side?

Pat Riley Introducing Pat Riley [played by Adrien Brody]With the end of the episode, these two really crazy parts of our story Everyone thinks Pat Riley as a Lakers coach, but he wanders the beach and begins 10 years, what he is with him Life trying to understand what you are trying to do.

Do you have a favorite moment in this episode?

Certainly the ending.And also when Riley is not allowed to participate in the forum [during the head coach search]The guard told him, “There is no ex-player.” That’s the real story. He showed them the 1972 championship ring. They seem to have “no ex-players”.

This episode is with your Jerry West (Jason Clarke) His love-hate relationship with the game. Why is it important to understand it?

I don’t even know if Jerry West is a coach and people know he’s quit. The depiction of Jerry West we have is what you have when treating depression and childhood trauma with basketball and other external factors. So it was he who tried to kick it or fix it.

Can you talk about the importance of that thread, your magic is completely naive about what he’s crazy about, and that leads to making him indiscriminate?

There are two great moments that weren’t reflected in the episode. I tried it, but it didn’t really fit. The first was when Magic arrived at LAX. The bus didn’t come to pick him up. He sent a Playboy Playmate. As a limousine driver. The other was Magic on his way to his apartment. I saw an orange tree in the front yard. I had the driver stop the car, went outside and picked up the fruit like “this is amazing”. For the first time in his image and LA with fruits, trees and Playmates, I thought it was really rich.

When I talk about my favorite addiction, I’ve been recovering for over 20 years and say it’s fun, problematic fun, and all the problems. I have a 19 year old child. He turns the world’s eyes on him with the pressure of carrying a team on the world’s largest stage and he doesn’t drink or take drugs How do you express that stress? He will be a rock star.

The ending is shocking and really emphasizes how big this story is than just basketball. Needless to say, do you think many people go to Google for accuracy?

This murder has never been resolved by police. As a big Lakers fan, I didn’t know that Jerry Tarkanian was hired. They signed a contract. It was a deal. I didn’t know what happened to Victor. Weiss, stuffed in his trunk. It’s all absolutely true.

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