Tony Khan resumes ROH’s weekly TV show


The Ring of Honor’s weekly television show seems to continue after Tony Khan purchased the promotion from the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

In a regular slot on Busted Open Radio, AEW’s founders, bookers and president said they would resume their weekly show following the Super Card of Honor event on April 1. The show collides with an episode of AEW Rampage on the same night. He thought it important to do it after ROH had already sold the ticket :-

“I didn’t plan on this PPV … but I think it’s really important to me because they sold the tickets and promised the fans to continue the show.”

Kahn went on to see the Supercard of Honor as a transitional show, bridging one era to another, adding that the weekly product would then be restarted :-

“I think it’s a transitional show in many ways because it’s the first show under new control, and it’s a transitional show before resuming what it wants to be a really great new Ring of Honor TV. It’s also a classic show. Products, weekly series, wherever it airs or flows. “

The show was aired in Sinclair before the acquisition of Khan, announced earlier this month, but it’s unclear if the new ROH regime will retain syndication.

After the AEW Revolution 2022 pay-per-view on March 6, Khan said he still has a lot to understand about ROH’s business, including product distribution.

“There’s still a lot to understand. Distribution is a great question and what are you going to do in the future? This assumes you’re doing something in the future. I want to continue working. I’m hoping to keep wrestling running and it’s also a very valuable library I’ve acquired. I can’t say anything about distribution, what it will be, or how to live. The library and the past. I’m very excited about the opportunity to create more content as well as content. Obviously, there are many other sources of revenue, merchandising, but it’s a lot. It’s an opportunity for us. It’s great. Strategically, I think it’s very good for AEW to still own the Ring of Honor. “

In the same Revolution 2022 Scrum, Kahn confirmed that he would continue his ROH wrestling operation with himself as a booker. ――――

“I will be a booker. Bring young wrestlers. They have a lot of young wrestlers. We are very successful here and we are doing very well here. I am very good at it. Wrestlers may work at the Ring of Honor or AEW. “

Khan has been responsible for AEW’s creative and leadbookers since the promotion began, but the December 2019 restructuring has increased his influence, as opposed to a decrease in the company’s vice president. did.

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