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More than 6 months have passed since the last episode of Owl House.. The latest episode was quietly premiered on Disney Channel on Saturday, but it hasn’t yet been announced when it will be available to more viewers on streaming. The premiere can catch the eye of many, but enthusiastic fans have been ready and waiting — and now, perhaps more than ever, the fate of the show is in the air.

Some of the details in the plot may be dusty in the depths of my brain, but the world is so lively and the characters are so dynamic that I quickly returned to the story. During the show, creator Dana Terrace manages to thread deeper, darker plots through a heartfelt episode adventure. And if this first episode is any sign, Many The show will end with a season 3 summary, but Terrace says supporting the show could help some executives change their minds. So if you have time to catch up with this terrible series, it’s ahead of season 2b.

[Ed. note: This post contains light spoilers for the newest episode of The Owl House]

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Owl House It premiered on Disney Channel in early 2020. It follows Ruth, who happens to come across an area full of witches and demons. So she learned magic and eventually decided to make friends.

“Follies at the Coven Day Parade” begins with a break in the mid-season finale. After reuniting with her mother, through a strange mirror-faced Hyzink, the incompatible human Ruth is torn between staying on a boiling island and learning. While she returns to her mother when she can’t create the magic or portal she’s always dreamed of and return to Isles, the rebellious witch Eda decides to reunite with her ex-girlfriend Rain, who was involved in the rebellion. Increasingly, the despot Beros failed … but Judging from what Eda heard, Rain seems to be doing well, and in fact, playing in the next parade.

so much Owl House It focuses on finding the place where Ruth belongs, more specifically the community of people. Returning to the human world and becoming incompatible, she finally found a group of people to support her, and nevertheless challenged her to learn how to practice her magic. From the boiling islands, but after reuniting with her mother at the mid-season finale, she is torn between these two worlds and wants to know if there is a way to step into both. More than ever, Ruth’s love for her mother and the struggle between her new place on the boiling islands. It’s an inspirational seijin-shiki metaphor, as Ruth understands what she wants from her life. But it’s also a high stakes fantasy adventure. The stakes become even more urgent when Emperor Beros reveals that he has a grand plan for the boiling islands. This involves clearing out wild magic (also known as an unbounded, non-specific type of magic that Eda used and learned to command Ruth).

“Follies at the Coven Day Parade” still has some interesting moments and sweet interactions between the characters — Amity goes to her old estranged friend Willow for advice on Luz. Hooty and King will, among other things, command the emperor’s giant doll — if the Midpoint Finale of Season 2 was a turning point, in the second half of the premiere, collect all the shattered pieces and get ready for the future. doing.

luz is sucked back to the portal

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Such sophisticated storytelling has created such an avid fan. The Owl House. Not only was it there, but there were real LGBTQ characters at a time when Disney Channel anime shows were moving away from such plot lines. She-Ra and the Princess Warrior When Steven universe, Owl House It’s a perfect show for fantasy adventure fans who crave for realism rather than snippets. In the first season, the episode “Enchanting Grom Fright” revealed that Amity was obsessed with Ruth. Major LGBTQ characters from the Disney Channel anime series.When the two officially gathered in Season 2, with the terrace Gravity fall Creator Alex Hirsch, who plays several characters at the show, talked about how hard the difficult battle for expression was. A few years ago.. This was before the revelation that Disney was in favor of Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

However, although the show is very popular, this second season will be the final full season. The next third and final seasons will instead be three 44-minute episodes. Terrace explains in a Reddit post: Owl House Canceled because it “did not fit” the Disney brand.

“After all, there are a few businessmen who oversee what fits the Disney brand, but one day one of them decided that TOH wasn’t fit for that brand,” Terrace wrote. (To any average anime lmao), our audience is old, and it just didn’t suit the taste of this one guy, that’s it! Isn’t it wild? It’s terrible, but that’s what it is. “

First Season — and the first half of Season 2 — Owl Housee is available in Disney Plus. You can watch the new episode on DisneyNow via your cable provider. The new episode will air on Saturday at 9am EDT.

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