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Who thought we would be here again? Sanditon From the state of being canceled without a doubt, it became “I will be back for at least two more seasons, but there is no main man.”The last thing I saw Sanditon In the United States in February 2020. It seems that the writer has thrown 90% of the show’s story in the trash and started over, as our lives have changed so much. I applaud. very impressive. Into the forest-What happens after Jane Austen’s plot is exhausted? Well, obviously, we move on to Charlotte Bronte. But first, let’s briefly talk about our absent leading actor.

At risk of harassment of the internet, Sydney was terrible. a bit In the last few episodes, he spent most of his time screaming in Charlotte on the street, which made me very uncomfortable that he was an interest in her love. Tombs marked with Antigua and Sydney Parker. It’s a new start for Charlotte, Georgiana, and Sanditon. Everyone is version 2.0, with the exception of Lady Denham, who remains in the worst of conditions.

Charlotte lives at home and is back with Tom and Mary Parker with her sister! As someone who has no sisters and is often not interested in romantic relationships, I love Austin’s sisters’ dynamics. Allison is full of story possibilities, and she has in historical drama, there are melancholy and sea-starring characters and bright “I love jam!” Characters. I love jam characters and want more. With Allison! Charlotte wanders around Parker’s house and looks back on her time with Sydney. I don’t know how to do it, but she seems to avoid yelling. More importantly, learn that Sanditon has a new meeting room and promenade. It’s exciting. ..

Georgian Limbe, a ward in Sydney, became Tom’s home. Mr Hankins and his sister are like her chaperones. Arthur (Arthur is back!) Explains that it is not ideal. Hankins sings hymns loudly and off-key. He loves the cheerful song “Bread of Heaven”. I know technically that Hankins was last season, but I don’t remember him. He and his sister bring a strong Dickens atmosphere in the episode. Georgiana is not.

Let’s talk about new men this season. As I’ve established earlier, I call it “lady gay,” so sometimes I don’t understand the appeal of a particular gentleman. Sydney, aesthetically, I understand. Theo James is a very attractive man. He’s been struggling this season, but he’s grateful for the new options for women.

  • Charles Rockhart came out of the ocean with a mutton chop that should look bironic, but I No He has the mood, “I’m charmingly dull and I don’t care what you think of me, but you’ll probably love me, hahaha!”
  • Colonel Francis Lennox, the leader of the new military camp, is like Richard Armitage on a budget, which sounds mean, but Richard Armitage is a very high bar. Serious, but occasionally his eyes shine with entertainment! Classic Armitage.
  • Alexander Colborn is Rochester this season. Again, I think it’s a lot of fun for them to shoot the Ostenian show and inject metaphors from later literary times. He is a wealthy widowed recluse and needs his child and niece governor. He is fine I hope the writer learns from Season 1 and doesn’t always yell at Charlotte before going to “THUSIS LOVE”.

Are there multiple (two) bare-chested men in this episode? And they both talk to women like this!I I was shocked,I tell you. Maybe they’re just trying to emphasize the loose and sexy atmosphere of Sanditon. This is all due to the influence of the beach.

Do you remember Mr. Stringer? A nice, handsome and ambitious architect, Stringer? !! If you get windswept hair and a breeding horse, you may come back.

Another interesting change this season is that Georgiana wants to lead sugar boycotts in town and force farm owners who enslave people to change their way. The slave trade was abolished in Great Britain in 1807, but as Georgiana explains, it merely prohibits the buying and selling of slavery people rather than owning them.

Hankins is handing out a pamphlet about boycotts (it looks really great this season). This quickly gets fed up by Mrs. Denham. Later, you’ll see her sharply shoveling the sugar into the tea. There are some pamphlets to read, Mrs. Denham.

In this episode, a lot of things happen because we catch up with everyone. Esther is back! She is still married to Sir Babington and she seems to love him very much, but only she has birth difficulties.This is a very emotional subject now It’s easy to imagine that if you enjoy the wonders of science, you’ll die if you try again after more than five months. Esther is having a hard time and of course she has a miscarriage !! a Month Previously, Lady Denham tried to be kind to her in her own Lady Denami way, but awesome, a month hasn’t had any time. Poor Esther. For a more aristocratic family, she asks Dr. Fuchs for help. Fuchs looks like a nice guy, but he tells Esther, perhaps God doesn’t mean she’s going to be a mother (when I was 15 in a church camp, I’m a leader, I’m pregnant someday She told me that God might not have intended to marry me because she was afraid to do it.)

Also back in town is the terrible Edward, a member of the army. He buys the commission himself (well, he hasn’t paid yet) and has a really terrible mustache. He soon meets Mrs. Denham and promises he has won. After harassing Esther, Lennox does not harass Esther, but then it turns out that he is engaged to a conspiracy girl named Lucy, who, despite internal turmoil, is obliged to direct. You have to obey what you do. Elizabeth / Darcy is overkill.

Allison teased Charlotte about the Colonel until he realized that Charlotte was still very angry with Sydney, and she decided not to marry because she didn’t want to put herself in the power of a man again. Sure, their family has no money, so if she had a job in that very big house with unruly children, Leo and Augusta Charlotte would save the life of nine-year-old Leo. , Augusta is a moody teenager Leo’s Dad and Guardian of Augusta The aforementioned Alexander Colborn is very short with Charlotte in their interview.

She goes out after hearing him say that society wants women to be accomplished and not learned. His Blanche Ingram later chases her, offers her a position, and runs away. This is like Kate Beaton’s cartoon.

Meanwhile, Georgian and Allison are stealing Sir Kingsley’s carriage and running around the soldiers on the beach. They are laughing so much that I am confident that an accident will occur. I can’t see Georgian at all, the soldier I saw earlier just checks Alison, is Georgeana okay?

The last thing I learned was that Sydney was doing business for Georgiana in Antigua. What’s going on? When do Charlotte and Alexander Colborn inevitably understand? Will Georgiana succeed in boycotting sugar? Is she alive? And how many pamphlets do you need? Before Mrs. Denham becomes a caring person? Hopefully we’ll find some answers next week.

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