RuPaul’s Drag Grace: Lip Sync La Laparusa

Can you start by pointing out how terrible the pun “Lala Parusa” is? I feel that I need to remove it from my masculine chest first. If you don’t do that now, you’ll be repeating 100 different emotions. The way of the sentence to come. pun. It is stipulated as such. Proceed to the next. Is it good news? This concludes the “Bitch and Whining” part of this summary.

This was also a fun episode! High stakes, high dramas, and great performances fill the wall. And I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. In fact, unfortunately, we’re going to take this a step further. A little suspicious about it: episodes like this are potentially good (to force a very savvy and experienced producer to offer the best work and show with a stack of interesting moments). But it’s the result of manipulating the cast (which isn’t legendary).

We keep hitting this drum just because it can feel like we’re against a good deal of the show’s fandom: Shenanigan, the reality of competition RuPaul’s Drag Grace It can be a hassle, but in most cases Shenanigan is good. Because, in the end, you can give the drag queens space and spotlights to do what they are best at. As with all reality television, the finals are just studded with reality. Products that exist as a result of thousands of creative and business decisions, from casting to editing. Unlike most other reality TV contests, drag racing is very open (often in a blinking way) about how it’s manipulative. As I said many times to count this point, this episode is a classic example of our observation that drag racing is not a real-life competition, but a variety show with prizes.

Our most important point is this: instead of sticking to the strict “must go weekly” format, it’s ubiquitous throughout the genre of reality contests and has been around for decades. I think it’s mainly due to the show. Make a silly reason to leave these queens on the main stage for as long as possible. One of the reasons (not yet fruiting) is using a chocolate bar with a golden ticket inside. No one is trying to overcome the audience here, how seriously all these operations should be taken. You are winked and asked to sit down and enjoy her acting with her next queen. They eventually narrow the field. Going down to the last four makes rushing, annoying, unexplained, or dubious decisions to reach that point. We need to continue We are putting pressure on many mid-sized performers to do a better job in order to compete with such a relatively large number of opponents. This week the cat has been strengthened, darling.

Again (God, because it’s our job): It’s not a fun event, even though we know that many of the show’s fandoms hate to admit it. It has created a good real-life competition. That’s why this show wins an Emmy. Partly pointing out this point below some screenshots of the Werk Room scene, to note that this kind of operation is a good kind of behind-the-scenes drama. All conversations were about the Queen’s fears and their perceived opportunities for various competitors. As athletes talk about the advent of big games, it helped to increase tension and stakes. Had there been only five queens in the competition, I wouldn’t have been nervous or excited. It also developed something like a storyline. Many of these queens became nervous about confronting Jasmine, who was a little cheeky.

Maybe that means they kept gorgeous and jasmine past their sales deadline just to keep their stakes high for the planned lip-sync episode, maybe it offends Daya Best chef.. It’s a hot guy with a stuffed banana hammock spinning a bingo drum.

It’s a graphics and cultural reference to a 40-year-old camp vintage game show.

And it’s been told that eight (but technically seven) competitive queens set their cats on fire, and they’re all starting to do so. ThatSo what are you doing here? Anyway, let’s get down to it.

Jasmine’s ball was picked up from the drum and she thought she was wisely choosing against Daya. Daya thought she was wise because she chose Aretha’s respect as her song. She knew that Jasmine’s high choreography wouldn’t work for this song. .. Daya turned out to be true. It was a very powerful show by both queens. To be honest, I think it could have been easily put another way, but while Jasmine felt, Daya really stepped it up as she was trying to understand it.

Next, Willow’s ball popped out and chose Bosco, who chose Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much.” Willow claimed that Bosco played immediately. Willow knew exactly how to write the song and did a great job with it. She also looked great.

The remaining three queens then confronted each other in an apparently unfair way. As Jorgeous’s ball popped out, she made a song selection. She surprised everyone by handing over J Lo for Beyonce’s “radio.” For her, she smoked Angelia and Lady Camden, so both did a great job, but to be fair. In another match or week, both would have easily won a lip sync.

In the semi-finals, Mrs. Camden chose Bosco, who chose Anne Vogue’s “Do n’t Let Go.” Two things happened here. The first is when Mrs. Camden’s pussy becomes a supernova and she returns to work. After that, it felt like some world-class champion left the field in the awe of his teammates. It was a great performance and she looked great throughout. The next thing that happened was that Bosco’s self-confidence was almost lost during the course. She performed wonderfully-literally every queen did this episode-but when she realized she was smoking, she could feel this heightened hopelessness again. ..

Then, the nervous Angelia and the still a little cheeky Jasmine confronted each other by doing J Lo’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. I didn’t think Angelia’s more subdued approach would work as well as Jasmine’s more enthusiastic approach, but you turned it over, Jasmine desperately disengaged, and Angelia confidently. It can be said that it came off.

And finally, after all that drama, exhausted Bosco and Jasmine, the former worried about her chances, the latter made her grumpy and confronted Diana Ross’s particularly tough “sweep away”. Did. The songs are all whispering and mood, and the lip-syncing queen has to think about how to do it. Bosco’s stripper movement and her overall more sophisticated performance style have given her an advantage here. The victory was decisive.

And after a long drought, the Queen finally goes home. I think Jasmine was given the opportunity to show us what she got. I think she made the most of those opportunities. A fun episode with definitive conclusions and a newly energized cast This was almost everything we wanted from a drag racing episode.

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