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All the signs showed that Fergie’s story was getting worse before it got better, but just because it wasn’t surprising doesn’t mean it wasn’t so painful. He goes to Marsari, but he is in a low place. And at the beginning of “temperance” he only gets lower.

Well, this is one way to start a TV episode. Fergus and Marsari’s newborn, Henri Christian, was in the basket, and many disliked children washed him into the river. river! And he is heading. Towards the waterfall.. I know this is part of a book, but as you know, you don’t have to do everything in a book. The POV was shot from inside the baby basket as Henri Christian was ringing the beeline towards the cliff. I’m tired and we’re only 3 minutes deep about this.

Don’t worry, Roger Mack will save the baby.He jumps into the river and swims in the rapids, probably (I’m a girl inside), pulling a dear sweet Henri Christian who did nothing but to be born, From that basket for safety. Now I don’t know what’s going on with Roger, but if you’ve read these summaries for a while, you probably know that I’m not what Roger’s “fans” are generally called. But no matter what he does this season, it’s “working” for me. At first it was the beard of its huge ass, but now it jumps into what looks like a very cold river, preventing babies from plunging into waterfalls or yelling at stupid kids.This tells the baby, “Satan drags [them] With the deepest voice, like “To hell.” that is… Impact.. Is this my new type? I will solve it in my time. anyway, The children did this horrifying thing to Henri Christians. Because many of their stupid parents believe that a child with dwarfism “must be the seed of the devil”, burns when you touch him, and believes he floats on water, etc. Because there is. Thankfully, Henri Christian is perfectly fine. Jamie says he intends to talk to children, including Aidan, a child who likes Roger, and German, a brother of Henri Christian. Of course, it is Fergus that makes it the most difficult. He is so angry that he has to leave the house.

It is Claire who chases him and hears him in tears, what happened to those who knew about dwarfism at the brothel where he lived, and Henri Christian tragic. Tell her a terrible story about what he thinks of living a life, and it’s all his fault, because Marsari wasn’t there to prevent being beaten by Lionel Brown and his men. That is how his son was born. You can have a fulfilling and wonderful life. She and Jamie confirm it. They all confirm. But he never hears it. He goes away. I can’t help thinking about when Fergus was. A little kid in Paris with Claire in a scene like this. She loves him so much — he is her son! — And she can’t do anything to help him now.

So … things get worse! Fergus gets drunk again, and he and Marsari are in a major battle to melt further about how Fergus can’t provide or protect his family. He is by his side. after that Marsari killed Lionel to protect this family, to explain that the responsibility to provide and protect the family is not solely on his shoulders, and she regrets it a bit. Tell him that you haven’t. First of all, the way Marsari says this is a very big Dick energy, I love it. Second, it only further confuses Fergus.Because, well, not only the murder, he Paterarchy She waters his head and shouts to go out and stay with him unless he can calm down. Everything is terrible.

To make matters worse, Fergus is wasted and gathers in the Big House to become a fistfire with an elderly couple (!!). Because they are saying really terrible things about Henri Christians. Even Tom Christie Well, it’s messed up, So you know they are like it deserves. But that’s just another example of the turmoil Fergus is experiencing. He can’t find a way out of it.

Jamie then catches Fergus upset and walking into the woods. Jamie chases him for a moment, pulls out the knife and begins to cut his wrist. Jamie takes off behind him, stops him, and hides the bleeding when he pleads. Fergus told him he wanted to die. Then Marsari was able to actually marry someone who could take care of her and protect her and her children. Jamie asks him to stop and tries to remind him of all the ways he took care of them — when Jamie was saddening Claire while Jamie was in Arsmuir — and they all he Try to show him that he needs. He cried and hugged him and said he would get over it. It’s not crying just because I’m still thinking about it. Jamie’s relationship with Claire’s Fergus was surprisingly special at the show. As painful as this storyline sees, the silver lining can emphasize what those three of which the show is doing mean to each other.

After helping Fergus clean up and pulling together, it is both Claire and Jamie who bring him back to Marsari and his family. Hopefully this is heading in the right direction.

In this episode, there’s someone else Claire has cleared up: Tom Christie. The man finally appeared and was ready for hand surgery. The entire sequence — Tom refused to take the ether and claimed that Claire was awake to open his hands. While Jamie stands beside him, you can not only egg him, but also help him — great. Jamie hands over a shot of whiskey and reads the Bible so that Tom doesn’t seem to enjoy screaming in pain. Jamie is the best OR assistant in town.

Tom seems to be warming up to Claire in his own way. At least he is always interested in her. She checks him the night after surgery — she’s still looking at Lionel Brown, and Tom is near her ethereal stash — and she reaches out to eat and drink something. Helping them hang out, they tell a long story. It easily goes back and forth between insults and compliments and back again. Claire must explain that Jamie’s loved ones, those who consider him a family like the prisoners of Arsmuir, and will do anything to protect Jamie. Tom doesn’t really understand it, but you see him embracing the concept.

Returning to bed with Jamie, Claire asks how Tom spent in jail, while Jamie is anxious for everyone to get rid of the cold and the pain, while some men others. Explain that the man noticed that Tom only turned more inside.

One day Tom comes to see Claire to check her wounds and he asks her about the novel she is reading. Again, this conversation is at the edge of something completely hostile and friendly. It’s as if he wants to be kind to her. To build a bond — maybe he’s obsessed with this woman who healed him and refuses to spread the patriarchal religious bullshit to him — but he can’t help himself. This is Dick. Finally, Claire asks Tom to read her novel and read it for herself. He almost … seems excited to share this with her, but then he reads it and this guy’s taste is filled with too many smut. A note to Claire about what she thought of her rather than such a “filth”. After his hands are healed, he returns to doing something meaningful to him, such as whipping his daughter with a belt. To get rid of his conflicting feelings for Claire.

• Is this the only punishment Jamie gives to children trying to kill Henri Christians? !! This makes me very angry. Sure, does he scare them by saying they can touch the poker of this fiery fireplace or touch Henri Christians? Yes. But come on! I think it’s nice that they all touch the baby and realize he’s just an innocent baby, but let him sit on the stairs for at least 20 minutes to think about what they’ve done.

• I love Jamie giving Germans to talk to that tough grandpa.

•Alert! Alert! More Lizzie, Kezzy and Josiah flirting!

• Who is this Evan Lindsay character, and why is he so good at making things and flirting? Also: I love that Bree, who proposes to set up Lizzie and Evan, is totally ignorant of what’s happening between Lizzie and Beardsley, and “Well, you might want to pay attention to it. It is Roger that must be like “Hmm”.

• Roger tells Aidan that he needs to go see Jamie after Henri Christian. While there, I can hear Amy, Aidan’s mother, screaming from the inside. She found that her milk pail had only bullfrogs (#SettlerProblems). She struggles to leave Scotland without her husband, but Roger promises to never starve her. She’s okay He will ensure.

• When Jamie talks to Claire about Ardsmuir, he often says he was tired and dreamed of her, so he often crave for sleep.

• Oh ok, Malva spends time alone with young Ian — and when she started touching his facial markings, I really thought they would kiss — and Jamie , And it all seems pretty suspicious.

• During the walk between Malva and Young Ian, she told him she was hanged because her mother was a witch, but did not provide any other details !! And Ian leaves it alone! “My witch’s mom was done” Hey! here we go!

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